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Blog posts February 2018

Parole from High Court Chandigarh


Parole from Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh

Before reading anything, let us understand Parole in most simple words. Parole is a temporary release of a prisoner for a special purpose or reason before the completion of the sentence in a…

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MACT Claim Calculation



MACT Chandigarh High Court Lawyers

How is Compensation being calculated under Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT)

Be it Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance or even Motor Accidental Claim Insurance ca…

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Legal Notice Before Consumer Complaint

Legal Notice in a Consumer Case

The rise of Consumerism in India is evident from the fact that consumer spending in India has reached more than 18000 INR Billion in terms of consumer spending as per reports submitted by TradingE…

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Mutual Consent Divorce Procedure For NRI's

NRI Mutual Divorce Chandigarh

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 provides provision for Mutual Consent Divorce in India under section 13-B to its citizens married under Hindu law staying in India or be it abroad in countries like Canada…

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If Proclaimed Offender or PO by Court, Then Read This.


Quash PO Order in High Court

Proclaimed Offender or PO is a dreaded word for every respectable citizen whose name is unnecessary dragged into a criminal case and now he fears arrest anytime. In case, the one who is read…

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Compromise Quashing in High Court Chandigarh

Compromise Quashing in High Court

Recap- Quashing is term given to orders by High Court in general under Section 482 of CrPC exercising inherent powers where criminal proceedings before Trial Court (District Judge, Judicial Magist…

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Mutual Divorce Top 10 Myths Busted.

Mutual Divorce Myths
Divorce is bad be it any (Mutual or Contested ) and the lawyer who does it for living is equivalent bad. Strictly no mercy on him. He is the most evil soul on the planet as he breaks t…

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Catch Up Rule and Reservation in Promotions

Reservation in Promotions


Central Administrative Tribunal  (CAT) Chandigarh has recently quashed multiple promotions at Central Board of Excise and Customs Ludhiana. Court in its order observed, the competent author…

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Service Matters in Labour Court CAT Tribunal and High Court


Service Matters of Labour Court CAT HIGH COURT CHANDIGARH
Service matters are complicated and it is difficult to pursue strict compliance of rules and regulations wheresoever meritorious is to be promoted above hierarchy. 

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How to Make Complaint under RERA

Complaints under RERA
Housing sector has finally got real estate regulatory mechanism to dissolve buyer-seller disputes. Every state is being directed to frame up rules and start enforcing RERA. 

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Registration of a Marriage in Zirakpur

Zirakpur Marriage Registration

Registration of a marriage has been made mandatory by State Governments. Getting marriage registered is as important as picking a place for honeymoon. So be it Zirakpur. Being myself resident of t…

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Directions from High Court Chandigarh

Directions from Chandigarh High Court
Police authorities not registering  your complaint. No action if registered. Even SSP dilly dallying the procedure.
The private complaint is filed with Magis…

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Pension Recovery by Punjab University Stayed

Recovery of Pension
Good news for pensioners who retired from PU  before 2006 that the order of reducing their pensions is now stayed by phhc in lieu of excess pension wrongly fixed earlier. 
The PU …

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Pay Property Tax in Zirakpur

Property Tax in Zirakpur

Government needs money for its organs to function and that’s why we have Taxes. One such tax is Property Tax that you have to pay either to state government or Municipal Corporation depending on t…

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Recovery of Money in India

Recovery of Money in India

Recovering money under Indian laws is difficult owing to so many bottlenecks of one such is poor enforcement and lack of awareness. 

It's very common where educated people lend money without a…

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Property Transfer in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali Zirakpur

Property Transfer in Chandigarh

In India, property can be transferred either by WILL (testate) or succession (intestate) where no will is made. In case of succession, personal laws of Individual apply whereas for a WILL, it has …

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RERA in Punjab

Punjab RERA


This question was answered recently in the case of Bikramjit Singh & ors. Vs. M/s HP Singh & ors, where Punjab RERA authorities rejected the complaint only on the ground of maintainability s…

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FAQ's Mutual Divorce

Procedure in Mutual Divorce
Any divorce is difficult be it Mutual but still less bothersome and time consuming than Contested. You won't believe me until it happens to you. I am extremely sorry to be straig…

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