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Blog posts September 2018

Should I get Legal Heir Certificate or Succession Certificate?


Difference between Legal Heir Certificate and Succession Certificate

First let us understand the difference:

1 Succession Certificate(SC)- is granted by competent court of jurisdiction enabling transfer of moveable assets from deceased to his/her legal hei…

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Recover Your Salary through NCLT Chandigarh

Do you know being an employee, you are one of the operational creditors who can recover dues through National Company Law Tribubal (NCLT) established at Chandigarh.


Salary Recovery Through NCLT Chandigarh

The newly made I…

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RERA Punjab & Panckula Haryana Appellate Authority

RERA Punjab and Haryana Panchkula Appellate Authority

Now that RERA is here what about appeals to RERA Appellate Authority in Punjab and Panchkula, Haryana.

The RERA Act itself mandates the formation of such authorities where appeal against RERA A…

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Disciplinary Proceedings Procedure in India

departmental Inquiry in India


Disciplinary Proceedings against a Govt. Servant: Procedure thereof

Government Servants play a very important role to run the administration of the Country. They are important constituent…

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Deciding Maintenance of Spouse of Army

Currently, the Army pays up to 33 per cent of pay and allowances as maintenance on the spouse's application. The orders to pay the allowance are routinely passed by officers at the level of GOC-in-C o…

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Arbitration Proceedings in India

The origin of arbitration may be traced back to the system of village panchayats in the Ancient India. The ‘Panchas’ sitting collectively as ‘panchayat’ and delivering decisions on various matters…

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RERA Provisions that a Consumer Must know!

RERA is your gateway to protection, quality assurance, transparency , timely delivery and swift legal .

RERA Important Provisions

RERA has changed how reality transactions once used to take place. The Act fosters disc…

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Consumer Complaint against Airlines

Airline is no different than the other travelling mediums when it comes to services and if they are deficient, knock the doors of consumer court.

The service provider will be booked if at fault, th…

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Appeal against Dismissal in CAT

Dismissal from a government job is not that easy unless complied with statutory rules , order and principles of natural justice where the delinquent employee is given ample opportunity to take defence…

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Getting Directions from High Court in Criminal Case

Directions from High Court are pretty much necessary for registration of FIR if police party is not inclined to support your case. 

This is what exactly happened in this case. 

directions from High Court Chandigarh


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Disability Pension Allowed by AFT Chandimandir

It is a matter of great joy and relief for a blind seapoy whose disability pension has been allowed by the AFT Tribunal Chandimandir after a long haul of 48 years . It took a real long time for blind …

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No OC without CC – Punjab RERA

Buyer can't be forced to live in an isolated place while other parts/area of the project is not developed held RERA Punjab in a case ; Sanjay Sharma vs Omaxe Chandigarh Extension  Developers Pvt. Ltd …

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Sexual Harassment of Women in India

Sexual Harassment Complaint in India

Sexual harassment is an unwanted intrusion of a sexual nature in the personal space of an individual. Although a large number of complaints are by woman, sexual harassment is not limited to woman …

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Juvenile Justice Act

Juvenile Justice Act Advocate and Lawyers

Children all over the world are recognised as assets of the state, the future of the states lies in the hand of these young minds. Unfortunately due various social and economic reasons the young g…

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498A Latest Update by Supreme Court

498A Supreme Court Recent Judgments  

In what would come as a major relief to many battered women, the Supreme Court on Friday amended an older judgement on provisions of Section 498A of IPC that pertains to domestic violence and do…

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RERA Retroactive not Retrospective

The Real estate (regulation and development) Act 2016 had come into force to regulate the real estate sector of the nation. And since the past two years it has played a major role as well as been a to…

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Dowry as a practice is prevailing in society from the times immemorial. Dowry needs to be understood clearly and in right way. Dowry if taken in right sense it means the gifts given by the family to t…

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RERA Salient Features

Now that most of you know this but for one more time, RERA stands for Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016.

RERA Salient Features

Introduction-The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 is …

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Maintenance under Senior Citizens Act 2007

Complaint under Senior Citizenship Act

A person is entitled to basic amenities of life like food, clothing, shelter and other necessary requirements to live a dignified life. Under the principles of social justice, it is the natural du…

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Drugs or substance abuse is in rise in many countries. A lot of money is spent not only nationally but also internationally to prevent drug use, treating addicts and fighting…

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