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Blog posts February 2019

Grounds For Quashing of FIR

The purpose of Law is not only to punish the guilty but also to rescue the innocent. Sometimes false cases are being filed on the innocent. These cases are frivolous and should not be pursued against …

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The Internet has become an integral part of our lives. In the past decade, the use of the internet has increased tremendously which has brought about a significant increase in the number of cyber crim…

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Legal heir Certificate & Succession Certificate Difference?

Legal heir certificate is a certificate issued by the concerned local authority like District Collector, Additional district magistrate or any local authority who have jurisdiction in the local area a…

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Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace

In today’s growing world where opportunities are increasing and people are migrating from country to country and from continent to continent for jobs and better facilities for future and for family bu…

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In What cases bail can be Cancelled?

If the courts have power to grant bails then they also have the power to cancel it.

Admission to bail has a risk that the defendant will not reappear in the court if he is given liberty. So the Leg…

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Reservation in Promotions in Government Jobs

Now that Supreme Court has refused centre’s appeal to reconsider its own order of 2006 on SC/ST job promotion to 7-judge bench, there is hardly any confusion left.

Supreme Court has made it clear…

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Application for speedy trial from High Court Chandigarh

The entire justice delivery system in India is dependant upon Police, an external machinery appointed for the investigation part where as for appreciation of evidence judiciary exists.

But very lit…

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NCLT for Homebuyers

The insolvency code came into effect on December 1, 2016 and sought to re-organize stressed assets and in worst case do liquidation of assets so that financial creditors are paid off.

Insolvency an…

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Refund refused by Haryana RERA

It is not always that a homebuyer is the aggrieved party but at times builder out of no fault of his own has to stall projects and cause delay in giving possession. It can be force majeure or governme…

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