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Valentine’s Day just got over and now, I am here to talk about marriages. Isn’t that interesting? Many of the couples tie knots on this special day of Valentine with their beloved, promising them unconditional love, support and happiness for years to come.

When it comes to administration, governance, and management; there can be no substitute to amazingly beautiful and serene place like Chandigarh. One who comes here never wants to leave the city and that’s one of the prime reason government servants don’t opt for posting when they are here.

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth stands true for court marriages. With people eyeing to settle abroad need proof of their marriages and that’s why registration of a marriages is vital. This post covers in details; how to register your marriage and opt for Court Marriage as an option.

Marriages are currently registered under Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and Special Marriage Act, of 1954.

This post lays out steps to register marriages under HMA, 1955.

  1. How to Register your Marriage

It’s pretty easy when Chandigarh Administration is on your side. Bringing you the snippet straight from the Chandigarh Administration website, here is the infographic. 

And here is the link for your cross reference-

Application form for ready reference -

Once the marriage is registered you can verify it online-

B. Court Marriages

In Chandigarh, court marriages are performed in the DC office Sector 17, top floor MA room. Just go and visit the office and take a suitable date for your marriage. Ensure the appointment is put in writing into the register. Then on the respective date along with three key witnesses from both sides (Girl & Boy), get your marriage registered in the Marriage Registrar’s office after paying a nominal fee. Once the marriage is registered, you’ll be issued certificate of court marriage which is valid throughout the country and globally.


Time Limit- There is no such time limit to get your marriage registered.

Fees- The fee to be paid to government is very nominal.

Validity- Certificate is valid for forever.


Disclaimer: The information mentioned above is only for informational purpose and user is advised to consult professional, lawyer, attorney or government office before proceeding in this matter. 


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