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Directions from High Court Chandigarh

Directions from Chandigarh High Court
Police authorities not registering  your complaint. No action if registered. Even SSP dilly dallying the procedure.
The private complaint is filed with Magistrate against accused but trial moving dead slow and no hope of justice anytime soon. If these are your concerns than your remedy lies with Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh. 
A direction petition can be filed under section 482 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) for giving specific directions to authorities to take cognisance of the complaint and adopt due procedure of law. Even Trial court can be given directions to speed up the trial and conclude proceedings in a time bound manner. 
High Courts have vast powers under inherent jurisdiction to prevent wrong and cause justice to its logical conclusion. 
Justice delayed is justice denied and time is of utmost significance today , but how do I start?
1 Exhaust all your existing remedies. First and foremost. In writing. High Courts will not entertain applications if you haven't exhausted them. 
2 Write to SHO, SSP only by registered post, file complaint with magistrate under 156(3) and then if nothing happens, move to High Court.
3 Engaging the right criminal lawyer. Just like dentist can't do piles surgery , similarly an armchair lawyer can't contest your case. Choose the one whose core area is criminal law. Then you can expect something happening on your complaint. At least. 
4 Keeping the record of all previous efforts is a must. High Court don't listen to oral requests. You must have made attempts in writing to authorities and they didn't obliged. 
5 Criminal cases are tried under immense pressure from all corners. So inculcate patience and hope before coming to higher courts. Patience usually give sweet rewards but in time. 
In the end, don't be a victim rather exercise your right and file Direction petition in High Court for getting justice which Constitution of India guarantees you unconditionally whether rich or poor, caste wise, colour wise, region wise, ethnicity etc. Our Constitution strictly prohibits it and you must be vigilant enough to stop impeachment of your rights.
Need some case specific advice, dial 9988817966 or post your response in the comments section. I 'll be diligent in hearing your concerns. 

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