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Drivers Caution: Do you know the amendments in Motor Vehicle Act?

The new amendment in Motor Vehicle Act will make defaulters pay heavy and repent for their offence. The new amendment comes at a time when deaths in the country owing to road accidents are on all time high. These measures were much awaited and this will go on making a huge impact on future generations to come.

According to news18 report, out of 5 lakh road accidents every year, 1.5 lakh people lose their lives and the amendment is to be seen as measure to reduce fatalities by 50 percent.  The biggest relief is now to victims of hit & run cases where the compensation has been increased from Rs. 25000 to Rs. 2 lakhs. In case of severe fatalities the compensation can be enhanced upto 10 lakhs.

A big jolt is coming for the traffic rules violators and perpetrators who believe in flouting rules and showing disrespect to the law of land. Beware, the fines are heavy and may lead to suspend of your license on first instance. Better see them with your own eyes in the infographic below: – Table Source

Well, that was just about the fines, even the imprisonment has also been enhanced related to various offences. More it includes, naming and shaming, community service- a modest beginning and much stringent provisions for repeated offenders.

The new name given to bill is; Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2016 which has got the consent of one house is waiting to get cleared in winter session. The new amendment proposes stiff penalties for drunken driving, driving without license, over-speeding, dangerous driving, overloading and other serious offences.

The next change is coming in the issuance of the fresh licenses. The way is automated testing, issuing online learner license, quick registrations in licensing department, improved driving conditions and better traffic management.

In the present act, out of 223 sections, 68 sections have been amended and chapter 10 has been deleted with new provisions in chapter 11 to simplify third party insurance claims and settlement process.

A major setback for the parents and guardians of Juveniles; they will also be tried with juveniles and booked for the offences committed. Apart from this registration of the motor vehicle will also get cancelled.

All in total, this indeed is a historical step as hailed by almost every publishing house of the country whether paid or not paid by the government in making roads safe and save lakhs of innocent lives each year. 

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