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FAQs RERA Punjab Haryana Panchkula

RERA FAQ Punjab and Haryana

1 What is RERA?
Real Estate Regulatory Act, 2016 came into force with full effect only on May 1, 2017. It is an act meant to regulate Real Estate Sector/Industry in India.

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2 What types of complaints are filed in RERA?
Complaint to Adjudicating officer regarding compensation (N), RERA Authority (M), Appellate Authority (L) and then to High Court (last stage).

3 How to file complaint in RERA?
Do it yourself or engage a lawyer to raise your chances of winning the case.

4 What projects are covered under RERA?
RERA Punjab takes only registered projects whereas RERA Haryana scrutinizes complaints based on applicability of Act. Check out their website.

5 Where to see latest orders , judgements and updates on RERA?
Only Punjab has it as of now. RERA Haryana awaits such functionality on website . Even the website is not completely functional of RERA Panchkula .

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6 Are unregistered projects also covered under RERA ?
A big no for Punjab and yes for Haryana as they cover ongoing projects and one still to get completion certificate . Check here-

7 What about coverage of ongoing projects under RERA?
Any project without Completion certificate 100 per cent liable to be covered under RERA. Others who have applied, Haryana doesn’t exempt but Punjab has exceptions.
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8 How to file appeal under RERA?
Appeal lies to Appellate Authority as per statute. Both Punjab and Haryana don’t have appellate Authorities as of now but make shift arrangement of appointing the head of parallel department is there. For e.g DC can be given such powers.

9 Appellate Authority of RERA Punjab and RERA Panchkula of Haryana ?
Both absent at the moment. Currently the housing and town planning clearance department holds it.

10 Fees of filing a case in RERA?
Rs 1000 DD/draft/cheque in favour of Authority. Rs . 10 per Annexure for RERA Panchkula.

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11 Where is the address of RERA in Punjab and Haryana ?
RERA Panchkula-

Address: Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority Mini Secretariat, New Office Block, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Sector 1, Panchkula, Haryana 134109


RERA Gurugram

Address: Civil Lines, Gurugram, Haryana 122001


RERA Punjab at Mohali

  Real Estate Regulatory Authority

  Punjab Mandi Bhawan, Ground Floor,

  Sector - 65-A, Mohali, SAS Nagar

  Punjab - 160062

12 Website address of RERA Punjab and Haryana?


13 Phone numbers and email address of RERA?

RERA Panchkula- +91 172-2586632,

RERA Punjab at Mohali- 0172 - 2298095, 2541401,

RERA Gurugram- 0124 289 1057,

14 Does RERA covers commercial projects meant for investment purpose ?
Yes. 100 per cent it does.

15 Should I file my case in consumer forum or RERA Authority ?
RERA for sure if it’s maintainable . Resolution in just 3-4 months time.

16 How can I my withdraw my case in State Consumer Commission Punjab/ Haryana to file it in RERA?
Just submit an application to withdraw or orally pray before the bench for liberty to file in RERA as per statute .

17 How much time it takes to decide a case in RERA ?

60 days window is quite amusive and promising.

18 Is RERA an effective tool than consumer courts ?
Yes so far indeed it is. The most fastest remedy available to a homebuyer is with RERA only if the case is admitted.

19 Execution of orders of RERA authority ?
The orders can be executed either by the Authority or District Courts who can take the cognisance and recover the amount as arrears of land. Check here-

20 Jobs in RERA, where to apply?
Plenty of them. Many opportunities have been passed. Stay tune on their website for more info.

21 Timings of RERA office and filing of cases?
10 to 5 more appropriately because it is just another government office.

22 Can we file cases online in RERA?
In fact for RERA Punjab and RERA Haryana Gurugram online complaints are submitted. For RERA Panchkula, it still takes complaints manually (till the writing of this post).

23 What are the benefits of RERA?
RERA enforces discipline , accountability and transparency into the Real Estate Industry. Now the builder is regulated , accounts book regularly audited and project proceeds as per the promised speed do that customers gets possession without any delay.

24 From when RERA is applicable ?
RERA was applicable from 1 May 2016 when 59 out of 92 sections were first notified and then ultimately all states had to adopt it before May 1, 2017. In furtherance of the RERA Act, states have to notify the rules and regulations.
For Haryana and Punjab here is the link.

25 Does RERA covers rental and lease agreements?
No. RERA doesn’t cover any of them. Only 99+ years agreement are covered

26 Does RERA covers existing projects ?
One who has already got the Completion Certificate are out of ambit if RERA but interestingly Haryana through a popular judgment Simmi Sikka vs Emaar MGF goes on to say that registered projects are also covered for defects in workmanship and quality defects as the act covers for 5 years. We yet have to see how RERA Punjab interprets this definition. 

27 Are ongoing projects covered under RERA?
Yes all the ones who didn’t have Completion Certificate on or before May 1, 2017. Even the applied ones are not exempted till the final outcome of their application says RERA Gurugram Bench.

28 Which projects are exempted under RERA?
One in less than 500 sq. Metre
Project less than 8 units
Already got clearance from state authorities.

29 Can I ask my builder to get Register with RERA?
Yes you can. You can do it online or write to the authorities for inclusion of the project in the registered list or impose penalty for non registration.

30 How much rate of Interest does RERA provides in case of a delay in possession ?
SBI current micro lending rate plus 2% which comes out to be 11% at the moment.

31 What are the penalties being imposed under RERA ?

 10 % of the project cost to builder for not complying with the rules and regulations of the Act.

32 What happens when builder is not getting the project registered with RERA?

RERA Authority can impose fine under Section 59 of the Act and issue showcause notice why be penalty not imposed.

33 How to check whether my housing project is registered with RERA or not?

You can search registered projects for RERA Punjab here-


For RERA Panchkula (HRERA),Click here- 


Click here for Registered Projects-

For RERA Gurugram (HARERA)- 

34 What if the appellate tribunal is not formed ?
Then the state government will notify any appropriate department to hear appeals.

35 Is consumer also liable to pay interest if he makes default in payments?
Yes as per act he is equally responsible and had to shell out funds plus interest for default in payments apart from taking possession on time and doing conveyance deed within 2 months.

36 Can builder change the plans once he has got the registration done ?
No. Only in exceptional cases with 2/3rd majority he can change the sanctioned plans of building .

37 What is the difference between carpet area and super area?
RERA mandates builder to disclose carpet area which is net usable area within the four walls rather than advertising super area. This way consumers know what he is paying for.

38 How to check RERA registered projects on official website of RERA Punjab at Mohali or Haryana Panchkula Authority ?


39 Can Completion Certificate and Occupancy Certificate be withdrawn of registered projects ?
Yes if the Authority founds that the builders have got them fraudulently without the completion of work, then it can be held and dealt as per law. RERA Gurgaon judgement in Simmi Sikka vs Emaar has asked DTCP authorities to initiate action against these projects .


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40 What is RERA Registration number and how to check before buying the flat/plot whether it is registered or not ?  Check the list and see the registration number

41 Can builders promote and advertise projects without getting registered under RERA?
No they can’t. You can simply make the complaint on website and get them penalise heavily for non conforming with provisions of Act.


42 Need Top/best Lawyer/advocate/legal advisor to file my case in RERA?
Kiska hai ye tumko intazaar main hoon naa. Just dial 99888-17966 for LegalSeva.

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