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Get Marriage Registered in Chandigarh Same Day (Online)

Superb news for newlyweds. Now you can get marriage registration certificate on a same day when applied online through DC office i.e. Deputy Commissioner. All thanks to the administration of city beautiful and under the aegis of its administrator. Chandigarh truly deserves the tag of smart city now.

It’s been real long since the marriage registration has been made compulsory in Chandigarh whereas Compulsory Registration of Marriage Bill, 2005 under section 13 speaks of registering marriage within 30 days of the marriage. The website of Chandigarh administration explicitly explains how to obtain Marriage Certificate. You can view the link here. Moreover it is no more a marriage registration certificate now but a unique number where you can verify your marriage certificate and download it for intended purposes. This way, the Chandigarh government will have repository of all the marriage registration certificates issued so far.

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See the image below to verify the certificate.

Marriage Registration Certificate Verification

How to Take an Appointment
1 Visit .
2 Upload the necessary documents regarding Age, Marriage, Residence, joint photograph of husband and wife, class 10 certificates, wedding invite card, joint affidavit, letter from institution where marriage was performed, joint affidavit, Aadhaar card etc. 
3 Pick your slot from available date and time. 
4 Two witnesses (Government Employees with ID) at the time of marriage registration. 
5 Lastly you should be present at the date & time chosen so that you get it on the same day.

Fees for Marriage Registration in Chandigarh?
Anywhere between Rs 100 and 200.

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Who can apply?
Either of the spouse; boy or girl should be from Chandigarh. Thus having a residence proof or the marriage of the couple should have been performed in Chandigarh.

Benefits of Marriage Registration
1 Perfect valid proof of lawful marriage is the certificate.
2 Evidence of marriage in Court of law during any matrimonial proceedings .
3 Extremely helpful for travelling abroad and visa & PR purposes. 
4 Helps in claiming insurance of other spouse in case of no nomination.
5 Lastly , can serve as a residence proof.

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Registration of marriage is now made compulsory in Chandigarh. Don't delay as you can save up to 90% by registering marriage early on fees of marriage registration. Also you will avoid going tedious enquiry and scrutiny of the documents that takes a lot of time and then wait for the certificate eventually.

Now all that stuff is gone. Say thanks to National Informatics Centre (NIC) and Chandigarh Administration for executing it. Now you don’t need any marriage registration agent in Chandigarh. The same day marriage certificate is also being called tatkal marriage certificate Chandigarh.

Your turn.
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