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High Court Chandigarh Protection in Love Marriage

Nidhi (name change) was recently married to her love, Rohit (name change) after a long tenure of 4 years of dating and companionship. Like all other couples in big cities, they took time and then plunged into marriage. Remember there are no guarantee in today's world. Be it marriage .

Nidhi and Rohit hails from same village but from different castes. Hence the real issue erupted eventually after  marriage; family of girl after the life of boy and boy's family. Death threats, registration of a false case, causing bodily injuries, will not let the couple survive any where etc etc .

Believe me, it's a tense and dreadful situation. For a newly married spouse it is a nerve wrecking task and you need only right protection lawyers & advocates of High Court Chandigarh who can hear your fears patiently and suggest the right legal recourse, genuinely.

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Just after marriage, mostly from girl's side family start threatening boy's family.

Remember not to confuse court marriage with protection petition from high court. Read my post to know the difference here- Court Marriage and Marriages in Chandigarh

Getting protection order from Punjab & Haryana High Court is not that easy unless you fulfill the legal requisites for marriage viz age, free will and ceremony. All three are important for court to make out a valid legal marriage in the eyes of law and then possibly court can grant directions to police authorities not to harass, torture or implicate them in false matters. Thus restoring peace and harmony. Even parents are issued notices not to interfere in newly wed life of both partners.

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You will be definitely interested in knowing the procedure for getting protection after love marriage but before that following conditions are to be fulfilled in order to court to ascertain whether love marriage protection petition in High Court Chandigarh should be allowed or not:

1 Age - Girl should be 18 and boy 21 strictly. Proof of the same, can be date of birth, 10th mark sheet, Aadhaar, passport etc.
2 Marriage Ceremony is Performed- Marriage photographs of couple, with Pandit as well performing the ceremony, certificate from institute conducting the marriage.
3 Legal Representation - You can't approach the High Court straight. You must exhaust your remedies before approaching high court Punjab and haryana. Attached all your previous representations to Police, SSP and higher officials praying for protection of life and liberty.

The above conditions are applicable as it is for procedure for police protection after court marriage.

But don't confuse this with police protection that guards will be given to you and will guard you round the clock. This isn't the case.

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You will still be protecting yourself on your own but no false complaint would be registered by girl's family. No more worry about any police complaint once police protection petition is filed in Punjab and Haryana High Court.

This is just a rumour doing rounds online that love marriage is banned in Chandigarh or Punjab high court ban love marriage.

It is irrelevant whether you have married in a mandir, gurudwara, masjid, church or performed a local ceremony. You still can file protection case in high court after love marriage. Boy's family will be protected once this petition is filed in the high court.

Couples residing in any city of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh (UT) can seek protection from high court after love marriage intercaste. High Court is inclined to give protection to run away couples.

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