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How to file RTI in Chandigarh (Tricity in General)

RTI Lawyers in Chandigarh

RTI means Right to Information which is protected, safeguarded and promoted by Constitution of India via RTI (Right to Information Act) , 2015. Under this act, any individual who is a citizen of India can request any information (except information protected for security, interest and breach of peace) from any Public Authority.

Chandigarh is by far the most beautiful, cleaned and of the first planned cities in India. You will always want to come back to this city whenever you will cross it in any of your journeys. Yes, I’m definitely a fan boy of this city. Chandigarh, being a model Smart City has advanced mechanism for the RTI applications. Fully functional websites will take you to the appropriate departments where you can fill the RTI online without any hassle.

Before that let us know a little about RTI in brief.

RTI has brought transparency and accountability into the functioning of the government. All Central and State Government authorities have their own respective mechanism of RTI at various levels.

  1. First Stage where information is sought from PIO at Department Level. (Online/Post)
  2. First Appeal against the information received.
  3. Second Appeal with the Information Commission set up at Central/State Level.

However, Defence, National Security forces and other important Organizations covering matters related to national security are out of the purview of RTI including J&K.

Submit RTI in quick easy steps:

 1 Visit online or send the application via government post (keep the proof)

2 Know your relevant department/ vertical where application will be entertained. PIO (Public Information officer) in various departments will help you out.

3 Or you can visit the office and know where are the RTI applications are received.

Going by the statute, your application must be answered within 30 days and in life and death cases in 48 hours. Time taken for calculation and intimation of fees excluded from the time frame.

The essential requirements of an application filed under the RTI Act are:

(a) Applicant must be a citizen of India.

(b) Particulars of information sought clearly stated.

(c) Enclosed the fee paid. Today most of the departments have online mechanism.

(d) Applicant address be given for reply.

Personal details only necessary to contact are required, even by the PIO.

In Chandigarh, RTI can be filed in directly to the concerned Public Information Officer (PIO) or any of the e-Sampark/Jan Sampark and Gram Sampark Centres located in various parts of the city.

How it works:

1 Centres mentioned above will collect your application and issue you a receipt on submission with application number. To know the CPIO concerned click here.

RTI today is  sword in the hands of its citizens who can fought any evil, malpractice , injustice , indifference in hands of government authorities or exploitation of the weak by strong. Information is what makes us strong and confident today added transparency into the system.

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