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How To Get Free Legal Advice Online In India

Fee Legla Advice Online in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

Getting Free Legal Advice and that too Online is no big deal in today's time. All thanks to legal websites, legal/law startups and law finders that are empowering consumers about the legal knowledge and awareness about laws of the country. Contribution of Google in enabling these legal startups is immense. Now you can get solution to your legal trouble instantaneously without waiting online.

Today there are tons of websites giving you free Legal Advice on a button of a click. Apart from posting free legal query you can chat with the associate who can help you talk to the right advocate/lawyer/legal advisor based on your legal issue which can be any; Banking , Insurance , Industrial, Consumer, Bankruptcy and Debt Laws, Administrative laws, Criminal Legal Advice, Divorce Legal Advice, Property Legal Advice,

Few of the noted websites rendering Free Legal Advice to Public at large are Lawrato,, Vidhikarya, Kaanoon, lawsolva,, Lawzgrid, Lexcarts, vakilpro, LegalIndia, and many more. The list is expanding and everyday and new entrant is here to watch out for but the benefit is ultimately of consumers. So relax and just avail the services of these online legal startups providing free legal advice.

Remember there is a difference between Free Legal Aid and Free Legal Advice. You are entitled for free Legal Aid only when you are monetarily not capable of defending your case in the court of law. State Legal Authorities are entrusted with responsibility to give necessary legal guidance and advice and defend their interest if found suitable as per the policy of state.

Whereas Free Legal Advice is totally based upon your sweet will. Have it when you want it. No criteria. Pick your phone and just dial the number shown on the website. Even chat facility round the clock (24*7) is also being given by these free legal advice and research platform. These websites have popular guides on all trivial issues like Cheque Bounce, Divorce Cases, Consumer Complaint, Banking and DRT matters etc.

Various services given by Free Legal Advice websites in India are:

  1. Ask a question online.
  2. Talk to a lawyer
  3. Send Legal Notice
  4. Review of Document
  5. Scrutiny of Property papers
  6. Finally, hiring or engaging the right/top/best/expert Lawyer/Advocate/Attorney/Legal Advisor.

Once you have zeroed in the most suitable lawyer for your case, then getting relief from the court is not far away but be honest with the advocate and tell him the truth, the complete truth so that he can defend your case on good grounds irrespective of whether you have a good or bad chance of winning a case.

Coming to Legal Forums where you can also put down your question and look for similar questions asked earlier from the users. It is a great relief when someone had previously asked the same question and you are undergoing the same issue, the answer written on lawyer forum actually helps. We are going to cite the most popular ones here for our users reference; Legalserviceindia,, Quora, lawyersclubindia, Indianlawyersforum, etc.  

For people interested in research and going to the depth of the matter, we have few more websites for your reference;,,

 Further, you will be excited to know that these free legal help websites gives assistance round the clock (24*7). So be it any time of the clock, there will always be someone to assist you. You also get to see a dedicated free legal advice phone number on their websites.

In case you have any question for me, don’t hesitate. Pick up your phone and dial 99888-17966 for LegalSeva or you may write at 

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