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How to Pay Traffic Challan in Chandigarh (Online & Court)

Chandigarh is a scary place for violating traffic rules. Isn’t it? Ask anyone coming from a different state in Chandigarh. No one can better answer this question than him. But we love the city administration, its strict adherence to the traffic rules and finally the residents who have had made this city most livable and peaceful.

Three cheers for Chandigarh Traffic Police #WeCareForYou #AsWell

The traffic cops are so damn good in their duty. Not just me but I believe everyone who hails from city beautiful will appreciate this facts about Chandigarh Traffic Police or CTP in short, there onwards. I had my tryst very early with the Chandigarh Traffic Police in my teenage life that made a huge impact on me observing strict compliance of traffic rules and regulations thereafter.

Now, let’s get to the topic- How to Pay Traffic Challan in Chandigarh (Online or Other mode possible)

1 Modes of Challan - CTP can challan you manually on road, by Chandigarh Police sending Traffic Violations Information Slip (TVIS), via Chandigarh Traffic Police Facbook page, via CCTV cameras and lastly by pasting sticker on your vehicle. See, I told you Chandigarh is a smart city and yes CTP has a FB page as well by the name of Chandigarh Traffic Police. You can also share meaningful and logical traffic related information and suggestions on their WhatsApp No. 9779580985.  

2 Where to Pay Traffic Challan in Chandigarh - You can pay on the spot if facility is available.  In Traffic  Police Lines Sec 29, Chandigarh. You can also pay challan in court after 30 days. It can also be paid online. View the link here. It can even be paid on any of the e-Samparks in Chandigarh. Locate the nearest e-Sampark near you here.

3 How much to pay for a Traffic Challan in Chandigarh: Check yourself on the traffic police website. See the list of offences and charges for each. Online option to pay is also there on Chandigarh Traffic Police website as stated above. Check the link.

4 Suspension of License in Chandigarh- For serious and grave offences license can be suspended in view of the Hon’ble Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety. View it yourself here that talks about suspension of driving license in case of drunken driving and repeat offences. Also removal of liquor vends near the highways should be closed down, the guidelines finds it mention.

5 FAQ's covering most popular questions being asked on Traffic and Security Line Chandigarh Police: Challan for rear bumper guard, timings of working 9 to 5pm, challan for driving on high beam only on well lit roads can’t be done where there are not adequate lights, Driving on the cycle track can be challan.

6 Contact number of Chandigarh Traffic Police – For any emergency dial (24*7) helpline number 1073. For contacting officials as per the data received from website,

DSP/Traffic (East Zone & Admin)

Phone: 0172-2679066


DSP/Traffic (Central Zone)

Phone: 0172-2740969

9779580913, 0172-2650100

DSP/Traffic (South , R&D & Road Safety)

Phone: 0172-2679515


INSP. Sarwan Singh Central Zone 



INSP. Ram Rattan South West Zone



INSP. Davinder Singh East Zone 



INSP. Sukhdeep Singh South East Zone



INSP. Sita Devi & I/C Facebook & WhatsApp Cell & IC CTP, Traffic police website & youtube



INSP. Parmjit Kaur Sekhon, Challaning Branch



INSP. Parmjit Kaur Sekhon I/C, CCTV & also Incharge Traffic Helpline 

INSP. Dilsher Singh, Traffic Admin


0172-1073, 2637539


Email Address is - , 

Link to Facebook:-

Link to Twitter:-

7 Few Stories where Chandigarh Traffic Police hit the headlines straight from Google News:

  1. Chandigarh installs digital cameras to catch overspeeding drivers by YourStory.
  2. Chandigarh Traffic Police recommended 5,139 Driving Licenses for Suspension in 2017 by Chandigarhmetro
  3. Drunken Driving; Police Drive keeps cab service providers in high spirits reports Tribune.
  4. Overspeeding challans reduced to a third in a year reports TimesOfIndia
  5. Soon Helmets mandatory for women riding two-wheelers in Chandigarh by IndianExpress.

8 Statistics on Accidents in City Beautiful- view it here. At 1,751 count of drunken driving offenders doubles till March-end on TribuneIndia,  From 2015 to 2016 traffic challans see a downward trend reports IndianExpress

9 Know the speed limits in Chandigarh and where to drive and on what speed- view the link for your own reference as the Chandigarh Traffic Police website explains it clearly. Here’s the link - view where in Chandigarh these limits are installed and to what effect.  - Maximum speed limit for vehicles with category of Road. V-3 & V-4

10 NGO’s promoting the Road Safety and awareness in Chandigarh- It can be none other than Arrivesafeorg. They are the torchbearers of road safety and education in Tricity. Numerous PIL’s on burning topic of traffic violations and its effects are filed by them every year and making a difference in life of so many travelers. Our post definitely need to mention them. Catch them on Fb, Twitter and G+

This is an initiative on the part of LegalSeva and its team to make residents of City beautiful aware about the Traffic Rules and Regulations and how to ensure compliance of the same in sync with officials.

Takeaways :
Chandigarh police rarely spares anyone when it comes to issuing challans to traffic violatators and perpetrators. Prevention is better than cure. Anytime Any day.

Wear helmets. Obey traffic rules & follow traffic lights. Always Drive on your side of road, never on wrong side. When Drunk take ola or uber. In the end, be safe and reach home on time.

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