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How to Reply A Legal Notice

How to Reply to a legal noice

Legal word itself is scary what to say of legal notice. Just as every fight begins with a slap same can be said for court case with sending a legal notice must. 
Though its not mandatory (cheque bounce exception) but it helps you test the waters and know real intention of the parties.
But this post is about how to reply to legal notice rather not about When, Why and How to Send one?
So now if you are at the receiving end how to take stock of the situation.
The best and probably is to consult a lawyer for sending reply, in that case dial 99888-17966 and just say LegalSeva.
For others who are in DIY (Do it yourself) category , here's the secret sauce:
1 Law. Go to the law point first. What the sender is asking, can he claim it? Simple. If yes, better run for cover and state the facts right. 
2 Blame it on me. A fantastic track by Eminem will work just fine in the reply. Put all the blame of current situation on sender and give him a solution to end this matter. If not then, see you in court.
3 Reply is a must. All legal notices have a fixed time frame to reply. You just can't sleep when even the draft is not ready. Start what you can finish or go the LegalSeva way.
4 Play safe. Don't disclose your faults. Keep mum on it and touch only those areas you have had strength.
5 Just do it. Post the legal notice by registered post only and keep the receipt. Your reply must include the conclusion of matter or else it is not sufficient . Rework and Resend.
See how simple it is to reply to a legal notice and in just 5 steps. Amazing. I have not touched the formatting part, since it is best to send in the same format received. 
Hope this post helps. Have questions for me? Dial 99888-1766 for quick help or write to 
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