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Legal Heir Certificate IN Chandigarh

Legal heir Certificate Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a smart city and so its residents. When it comes to applying Legal Heir Certificate in Chandigarh, it is damn easy and smooth. But only if you know the procedure right and pick the best man on job. You can get this done on your own or take the help of some consultant who can get you the Legal Heir Certificate in Chandigarh.

Before we move ahead let’s answer few of your questions first:

1 Estimated Time- Minimum a month to get the certificate. Maximum you can be a year.

2. Who will issue it- Tehsildar/SDM/Taluk/Deputy Commissioner/Civil Courts in few cases

3 Required when- The head of family dies intestate i.e. without a will.

4 Purpose- pension, insurance, administrative /service advantages , retirement benefits of the state and central govt. offices, govt. works,

5 Explain in steps:

  1. Download the from here. Fill the application form.
  2. Affix Death Certificate in original. Get all the documents mentioned in the form
  3. Court Fee Rs 2 and affidavit.
  4. Submit at the counter of authority and don’t forget to take your receipt.

6 Documents to be attached:

  1. Name of the deceased
  2. Death Certificate original
  3. Service Certificate issued by head of the deptt.
  4. Ration card and Aadhaar card
  5. Pensioner slip by office by accountant
  6. Family members names and relationship
  7. Applicant’s signature
  8. Date of application
  9. Residential address
  10. An affidavit worth Rs 20 on stamp paper

7 Procedure in brief:

  1. Submit the form to authority- Tehsildar/DC/Taluk/Civil Court
  2. Verification process
  3. Government officer known to person will be registered in application form.
  4. After due diligence the certificate will be issued in the name of all the legal heirs


Legal Heir Certificate or Succession Certificate- Do they mean the same thing? NO

Legal heir certificate

Succession certificate

Issuing Authority- Taluk, DC, Tahsildar

Courts only, Civil Court or High Court

Who can Apply- son, daughter, wife, parents

Only legal heir of deceased can apply

Time Taken- 15-30 days

6-7 months

Stamp- Rs 2 court stamp, Rs 20 affidavit

3% of the property plus attorney fee

Contest- No one can contest in application/process

Anybody can contest within 45 days

Documents- DC, Aadhar, Relationship

DC, place and time, all legal  heir and relaion

Use- Pension, Gratuity, Insurance, PF claims

Transfer of property, paying debts, collecting security on behalf of the deceased


Conclusion: Chandigarh Administration provides you with option to get these Legal Heir Certificates from e-Sampark Centre spread across the city. Once the papers are in order and duly attached/affixed and notorized, then it would hardly take 15-20 days for you to get the certificate barring there is no dispute among the legal heirs. If you have any questions, pick your phone and call me 9988817966 or drop me a line at You will love talking to me.




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