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Legal Notice From Employer


Legal Notice to Employer

Employee and Employer relationship is equivalent to knorr sweet and sour soup which is quirkier at times. You must enter and exit an organization with same grace, dignity and respect as in the beginning. One rough patch can rock your professional career and future prospects. So choose carefully, think wisely and adopt legal measures timely. And that's what lawyers are here for.

It can be either of two:
1 You wish to send legal Notice to a employer.
2 Or Reply to the legal notice by employer 

What can be the possible reasons:

1 Illegally termination or firing an employee wrongly.
2 Not clearing the final dues in final settlement. 
3 Not giving salary or on time.
4 Discriminatory treatment at workplace.
5 Infringement of employment terms and conditions by either of the parties.
6 Sexual harassment or harassment of any sort.
7 Undue pressure or threatening. Criminal intimidation. 
8 Unfair treatment in the hands of superiors.
9 Document formalities not taken care of. Experience , salary,  relieving certificate.
10 Or any other dispute with Employer.

Legal notices help employee-employer disputes to be resolved at the threshold only. 

Legal Recourse after Legal Notice-
1 Recovery case in civil Court. 
2 Complain to registrar of companies.
3 Letter to Labour commissioner. 
4 File a case at labour court. 

How to send Legal Notice online to Employer in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali 

1 Call and discuss your matter on phone (9988817966) with lawyer. 
2 Later send supporting documents on email at 
3 Give all the necessary details in email.
4 Receive the first draft 2-3 days for approval.
5 Once reviewed legal notice is sent to employer through registered post. Receipts are scanned and sent back on email

If the employer doesn't give any response or favourable response to your legal notice, then you may take the matter to court with the help of a best competent lawyer in employment matters. Labour law Advocates and Service law lawyers are also equally good in handling these cases and bring desired results. 

If you wish to have detailed opinion on your subject, dial 9988817966 or write to us at 

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