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Legal Representation or Legal Notice?

Legal Representation

Between both of these, there is a very thin line difference. To know, first let us understand What is legal representation?

For Legal Notice you may read this straight – When, Why and How to Send?

Legal Representation can be used akin to legal notice but the former is softer approach to tell your grievance to the one who is seemingly at fault whereas the latter seems to be a warning. Choice is yours, what to name it?

How to send a Legal Representation? It's easy. Write down your grievance and explain why it is your right to seek redressal under current laws. Simple. And yes send it by registered post only and keep the receipt handy.

For Legal Notice read this – How to Reply a Legal Notice?

What will happen after Legal Representation? Opposite party is given considerable time to comply with the demand clearly set out in the representation or the legal recourse begins on expiry.

In what situation legal representation can be sent?
1 Employer - Employee grievance encompassing all service matters. Read this- Legal Notice to Employer, Legal Notice From Employer
2 Recovery of money.
3 Performance of a specific contract or promise related to trade.
4 To government institutions against infringement of your fundamental right. 
5 To private organizations to fulfill their liabilities as conveyed.

6 Legal Representation before consumer complaints can be entertained. Read Legal Notice before consumer complaint.


Legal Representation can’t be send in personal or family matters though Divorce Notices are a new trend certainly which is catching up with today’s generation. Read Send Legal Notice for a Divorce.

There can be many more. Keep a vigil on future posts.

Once there is no action or complete inaction, then the only resort left is to approach appropriate courts.

Courts in Chandigarh
1 Civil /Criminal- District Court Sector 43, Chd. To see your causelist visit this link.
2 Banks - DRT Sector 17. To see your causelist visit this link.
3 Armed Forces Matter - AFT, Chandimandir. To see your causelist visit this link
4 Consumers - District Forum and State Commission Sector 19 Chd.
To see your causelist visit this link
5 Company Matters - NCLT, Sec 27.
To see your causelist visit this link
6 Writs, Fundamental Rights, Discrimination- High Court Chandigarh Sec 1. To see your causelist visit this link

Now over to you. Let us know how we can assist you better in sending a legal notice or legal representation. LegalSeva is just a call away at 99888-17966. Stay tuned to hear more from us.

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