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Marrying for Sexual Pleasure? Think again- Delhi HC

Marital Rape

Marital Rape is still not recognised in India despite of increasing pressure from women rights activist. 

For now Delhi High Court has a pain reliever for them. Recently, a Delhi High Court held Marriage can't be held a contract for legal sexual pleasure.

The HC came down heavily on the husband who has filed petition for divorce on grounds on cruelty but later it was only he who used to commit attempt of bestiality and abuse wife physically.

Husband pleaded that wife has deserted him and deprived him of his basic rights to enjoy sexual pleasures after marriage. Whereas court held sexless marriage as anathema , not a contract for legal sexual gratification. Husband can't put wife's body in discomfort nor her mind and soul  while indulging in sexual act .

Wife in reply has stated that her husband used to put her into soon much of physical and emotional trauma while having intercourse including oral and unnatural. If she refuses , she was thrashed. The entire act was so disgusting that she didn't had the courage to speak to anyone until 2007 when she told this to her brother in US.

It was further a harrowing experience when husband used to penetrate foreign objects inside her body leaving her in extreme pain. She was treated as a slave for sex.

The court observed Marital Rape as mental cruelty, lack of respect , dignity, and sensitivity towards wife in contravention to right to life and liberty as enshrined in the constitution of India.

Court in the end, found husband guilty of marital rape causing harm to the respect, dignity, and self esteem of the wife. This story is an excerpt taken from IndiaToday post. Click here for the link.

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