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Pay Property Tax in Zirakpur

Property Tax in Zirakpur

Government needs money for its organs to function and that’s why we have Taxes. One such tax is Property Tax that you have to pay either to state government or Municipal Corporation depending on the area. It’s like Lagaan for you to own a property. Sec 24 of Income Tax talks about provision of taxing from individual’s properties including rented places.

Property tax depends on your location (City, Area, Ward, Flat/Kothi), dimension (size of the plot), in case of Flats (covered area), Type- residential/commercial , facilities in property etc. The government office concerned with Tax will define a standard rate from above parameters to derive a common property tax for a particular area with specific dimensions. There cannot be different rates for properties identical situated on all factors. Thus a full proof mechanism is in place to carve out the property tax rate per annum.


Now for all those living in Zirakpur and are interested to pay their Property Tax by going there and submit it, follow this post or else switch to online mode. Here’s the link: 


As per my best gathered information, I am unable to find it online and therefore I have to submit it by going there. Let’s move further.


1 Reach Zirakpur MC from Big Bazaar, Paras Down Town Square Mall.
2 Once you reach three, go to top floor Room no. 208.
3 Show the unique Property Unique Identification Number UID. It looks like this BO29-08900.
4 If you don't have it then get the property registration documents , sale deed copy and mutation copy. The person on seat will identify your UID and property tax based on your covered surface area will be calculated. In Zirakpur, property tax came into effect on 2013. So you have to pay 13-14, 14-15, 15-16, 16-17, 17-18 and from April 1 , 2018 for 18-19. There will be some penalty for not paying the property tax on time which comes out to be very reasonable.
5 If you pay Property tax of current year between 1st April and September end, you get 10% rebate. So early the better. 
6 If you are not the owner , recommended, you must take the original ID Proofs or authority letter along of owner. And don't forget to take your ID proof. 
7 Once the amount is paid, the receipt is handed over to you.
8 Website link -
9 Customer Care number-  1800-137-0007, 5044907, 5044910

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