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Pension Recovery by Punjab University Stayed

Recovery of Pension
Good news for pensioners who retired from PU  before 2006 that the order of reducing their pensions is now stayed by phhc in lieu of excess pension wrongly fixed earlier. 
The PU has been issued notice to file reply on 6th March. Two petition were filed on this issue including 119 pensioners in phhc.
Suddenly after 12 years PU issued notice on 16th Jan 2018 that the pension amount earlier fixed has anomaly and therefore either the recovery of excess would be done or be reduced from forthcoming pensions to compensate for the excess given. 
University has refuted the allegation as the order dated 16th Jan 2016 was in compliance of Punjab government 2015 notification where it provides provision for recovery of excess pension paid.
Petitioners have moved to court saying , since PU is formed under central act, the state government notification has no bearing on them. Adding rules of centre are applicable not state.
In previous order of SC, it has been iterated that pension amounts can't be recovered by court if wrongly fixed by authorities.
Calendar vol. A.K PU Employees (Pension) 1999 Regulation Sec 2.4 says the same but still authorities are insisting on recovery of excess amount. 

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