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Privacy Policy 101


Here in this post, we’d discuss how you can frame privacy policy for your website in easy steps.

  1. Acceptance Note- Start with your organization name, website and name on the app store and declare as it is on the website. Write a brief intro about the privacy policy and why it is important for the users to read it.
  2. Declaration- Warn the users to continue only if they agree to privacy policy else discontinue.
  3. Personal Information- Define the ambit of personal information, how it is being collected, examples, used, shared, retained, updated, deleted and performs other necessary functions of the website. Also mention how it is being used with third party vendors. In event of purchase the information gets carried to the buying company.
  4. Aggregate Information- Also called as non personal information which gets collected incidentally. In spite of due care and caution, it gets collected and used vicariously.
  5. Changes to Policy- When does the policy updates and on regular intervals of time. Last Updated.
  6. Cookie Management/Google Tracking- Differential information is shown to the user based on preferences and past behaviours.
  7. Part of Terms and Conditions- This privacy policy should be read with as a part and parcel of terms and conditions.
  8. Opt-Out- Unsubscribe from all the communications from the company. For 3rd party, do it separately.
  9. Contact- In case the user wants to know about privacy policy in details, share the relevant email address.

Rest, the privacy policy can be trimmed and customized as per the industry and use case but more or less the policy revolves around the topics suggested above.

If you’ve any questions related to privacy policy or want your privacy policy to be reviewed, do write to us at . We’d love to hear your views and comments below. Stay tuned for the next post. Coming soon. 

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