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Registration of a Marriage in Mohali (SAS Nagar)

Court Marriage in Mohali

Do you know registration of marriage has been made compulsory by the Punjab Government vide the Punjab Compulsory Registration of Marriages Act, 2012?

This is squarely applicable to couples married under Hindu customs and extended to Anand Marriage Act.  Tehsildar/Naib Tehsildar or SDO must be present at venue if the marriage is to be registered under The Punjab Anand Marriages Registration Rules. In case of foreign nationals, NRI’s , Overseas citizens, strict compliance of these rules is enforced.

As per rules, marriage must be compulsory registered within 3 months and after that couple may have to bear late fee charges. The fee gets increased for more than a year gap and so on. So more early you start, you will be in benefit.

Importance- Marriage certificate is extremely important proof for showing a valid legal marriage. Even for visa purposes or travelling abroad with spouse, marriage certificate is asked for. In absence of marriage certificate couple has to resort to extra paperwork and signing formalities which again will consume more time and resources against the interest of couples. Also, health insurance, death benefits, insurance claims, bank nominee, pensions and other benefits.

About the Process- The process is simple and clean. Either download the form from website or get it from your Tehsil / DC office. Fill the requisite and submit the form taking the receipt at Sewa Kendra.

Affidavits – Both Bride and Bridegroom has to give facts on affidavits regarding their age, any previous marriage and they are not in degree of prohibited relationship. Even witnesses are also required to state on affidavit that they know the marriage existed and particulars of marriage are correct.

List of Documents- Bridegroom’s and Bride’s Joint Photo, photo’s with Family (Mother & Father), Wedding Card, Marriage Photos, Passport copy, Id proof , address proof , date of birth of both Bride and Bridegroom, two witnesses from each side with respective Id’s preferably Aadhaar, if previously married then divorce copy. For foreign nationals there passport, address proof and no objection regarding any existence of spouse prior from embassy is required.

Fee – As per writing of this post, Rs 140 is the process fee and Rs 700 is the application charges till 3 months. After 3 months, Rs 1500 is the late fee charges along with process fee. With one year gap, 2000 extra fee is levied and so on. Recommended you must get it before the expiry of 3 months or else only after the enquiry of DC, you will be able to get the marriage certificate once the period has expired.

Apply Online- Yes, the portal exists but with few glitches here and there. You can check it out here. For offline mode, we can surely assist you in the best way.

Where to Submit  Application-  Marriage Registrar office in Tehsil or DC office. Suwidha center also accepts the application.

How much time- If applied within 3 months then maximum 30 days otherwise 2-3 months depending on the objections and time taken in the inquiry. An appointment date is given to parties with witnesses with originals of supporting documents to complete the formality. Once the document work is complete then only the waiting period of the abovesaid applies.

Tatkal Marriage Registration- Delhi has it with many more urban cities but you have to check this with local SDM office or DC office who can provide you with most current info about the service. In Delhi, couple has to pay Rs 1000 more and the certificate is provided the very same day. So if you are in a hurry, do check with this option in the beginning.

Biggest Myth- Marriage Registration is different for Court Marriage. Even court marriages are supposed to be registered. Don’t mix the two .Did you know it? Also for marriage registration purposes applies anyone from any religion who has married. Age must be 21 of boy and 18 of girl and with free consent, only two conditions to be seen.

Rest, our attempt is always to simplify information for our readers and bring them only relevant stuff. Hope we have succeeded in our attempt to enlighten you about Marriage Registration and Court Marriage process in Mohali and other nearby areas.

In case of any query or you wish to opt for the service, call 9988817966 for quick appointments. Till then stay blessed, be happy and get married :) 

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