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Registration of a Marriage in Zirakpur

Zirakpur Marriage Registration

Registration of a marriage has been made mandatory by State Governments. Getting marriage registered is as important as picking a place for honeymoon. So be it Zirakpur. Being myself resident of this place, which is becoming quickly a place of prominence (CCC awaited) and illustrious VIP road, I believe residents should be aware of the Marriage Registration process in Zirakpur atleast.

First question of Individuals to whom I have spoken is always this; who all are required?

Here’s the list
1 Husband

2 Wife,

3 Mother/Father of Boy- either of one from both sides

4 Mother/Father of Girl- either of one from both sides

5 Two Government Servants with their employment ID Proofs.

The next is Fee?

Fees-1500 stamp till 90 days or add 1000 more. More delay you do, more you have to shell out from your pocket.


Guess what?

OFFER! More early you do the less you have to pay.


What Documents are required?

1. Date of Birth Purposes-10th marksheet.

2  Aadhaar of All Individuals mentioned above.
3   ID proof of all individuals.
4   Marriage photographs- Post Card size.

5  Passport Size photos of Husband and wife.
6  Marriage card.
7 Certificate from Pandit or Gurudwara who got married the couple.


Now, the Process of Marriage Registration in Zirakpur

1. Complete the file. Get it from any of the Suwidha Kendra's in Punjab. Fill all the pages, affidavit, get it notarized and signed by all the members mentioned. You may have a look here. PASTE PICS.
2 Show to Room no. 3 Zirakpur MC ground floor. If any objections, please remove it.
3 Date is given to present before tehsildar. Photograph in presence of witnesses are taken.
4 A weeks time is given to collect the certificate from office.
5 A unique number of marriage registration certificate is given to validate online and take print out. Process complete.


Now download the form from here and fill it. Form itself shows, which documents required are mandoatory and which are optional. So if you have one or two documents here and there, don’t worry. It will be taken care of.

 If you want my assistance in the entire process (obviously I’ll be charging you), dial 9988817966 or write to

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