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Why Mutual Divorce is best way of Separation Legally

Mutual Divorce in Chandigarh

Well, no one, I repeat, no one would ever want to think about divorce when married in the first place. But as we know life better with time, our thoughts, liking, adjustability patterns, wishes, ambitions, outlook, tolerance and other n number of things connected changes. Life is all about changes, isn’t it?

And that Change, we can’t say would bring better or worse. The only option we have is to adjust to change or to alter its degree of resistance.

Divorce is one such change that one has to be accustomed to when marriage is ailing and there is no end to miseries. When both the partners agree to get separated, we say it Mutual Divorce. When one party asks for it and other refuses, that’s where the contest begins to happen.  One party fights and other resists and trial is prolonged for getting a divorce.

I’ll share a stunning story here, “I was once told by a very elderly couple in court who stood together 60 years of marriage and shared that they were never happy out of this relationship. They added, in India, it takes exceptional courage and strong will for couples to admit that their marriage has failed. Social fabric scares them to death and further their fear of ostracisation from society /family leaves them in tears of solitude. They succumbed to their failures and now regrets for giving 60 years to such a shattered relationship.”

Only that day I realized the value of freedom, pursuits and why it is important for couple to stay in consensus when in marriage. Otherwise, most likely they are to topple. Now, back to our topic, why Mutual Divorce is better than Contested Divorce. Here are my reasons arising out of my personal experiences when handling Divorce matters in District Court Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali or Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh:


i.COST- The most important part, Money. Mutual Divorce starts from bare minimum 25K, check LawRato’s services for instance whereas Contested usually cross 50K bare minimum and run in lakhs as in lawyers fee. So choose carefully before opting the right course.

ii.TIME- Mutual happens in 6 months. Now even that is gone for couples in marriage staying separately for good number of years by Supreme Court. Come to contested, there is no limit. Keep on predicting years and n number of hearings just to free yourself.

iii.Joint Custody of Kids- The best and the wonderful part is to be played for kids. More mature and intelligent couples can only put their kid’s interest before theirs. You can keep on fighting for years in contested divorce and set an example for kids to be irresponsible, stubborn and obstinate in running for aims like catching a butterfly that you know won’t come but you will still pursue.  Learn something from this iconic movie better known as Stepmom. Please let your kid have best of both the worlds.

iv.GRACE- You know it well. How important it is for you to keep up your chin and accept a failing marriage. I’m sure, you must be really happy when you have to visit courts only twice rather than hundred times in contested divorce proceedings unless you are an advocate couple. Hehe. I always recommend my clients to be responsible and further on improving in living a dignified life. I wish, every better half could understand this logic. Anyway, you are going to make lawyers rich only and that’s in my interest. Whoa!

v.Respect for Each other Remains- The master reason of mine in stressing on Mutual Divorce than Contested divorce is Respect. I hope this post goes to all idiots male and female fighting uselessly for heaven.  Only the most intelligent couples will have the mindset to accept it and rest all are pigs, happy in mudslinging in each other.

My reasons are finished. I don’t want to showcase mutual divorce here as a commodity but an attempt to educate and transfer better intellect and acumen in couples making the right decision about their marriage. But then why contested divorce does happens? The reason is same, not all divorce cases come to me in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana nor Aamir Khan does every film offered to him.

Life can be a bit fair if you are willing to open your hand and let the other article in hand go. That’s life my friends and more appropriately marriage where both couples work like tyres of a bicyle and cover the same distance. There’s a price for everything; peace of mind, freedom, wellness, goodness, happiness but only if you are willing to pay. Are you?




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