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Promotion from PCS/HCS to IAS through CAT, Tribunal Chandigarh

HCS PCS Service Matters CAT Tribunal Chandigarh

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts review departmental promotion committee (DPC) in case of promotions to IAS (Indian Administrative Services) cadre for PCS (Punjab civil services) & HCS (Haryana Civil Services).

First know about Central Administrative Tribunal or better known as CAT Tribunal Chandigarh.

These promotions are done usually against the vacancies from the state civil service quota which arises from time to time. Eligible aspirants from State Civil Services quota can forward their names on asking of state to UPSC who is duty bound for promotion if found suitable.

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Annual Confidential Reports are most relevant for promotions where remarks of 'very good' & 'outstanding'' are essential for consideration. This is one of the ground considered by UPSC for promotions to IAS.

Even if interested PCS/HCS individuals don't have these remarks, they can sought change of remarks through directions from CAT tribunal authorities /department concerned to convene a review selection meeting to upgrade annual confidential records and bring desired change in the service.

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It hurts the most when your juniors climb up the ladder and your name is not even considered, it is only then Central Administrative Tribunal intervenes and set the right course for justice. In few of the cases, consequential benefits is also being awarded.

It is usually seen that the state government itself considers names for promotion to IAS from time to time. They may also conduct review of the previous selection committee meeting if necessary.

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A recent case of Punjab Civil Services (PCS) officer Madhavi Kataria has surfaced for promotion to IAS. Here, CAT Tribunal Chandigarh raking cognisance of the matter has issued directions to UPSC to hold review meet who is dutybound otherwise and consider Madhavi's candidature for IAS.

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A reply has also been asked from State Government on the matter. Holding the matter in tribunal's hand, the court order says the result of DPC is subject to the final outcome of the application moved before the tribunal.

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Now the matter is listed before tribunal on 20 April for hearing. I will be there. What about you?

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