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Best Examples of Consumer Complaints

Yay! We all love shopping. Don’t we?

And with the increasing number of commerce in our lives, we are going to be the biggest consumers of our generation. Thanks to the advertisements and web that has boosted online buying space.

But beware! Not all sellers are genuine and some are fake too. This paves way for Consumer courts to be of great significance when the buyers feel cheated and their interests are affected.

Let me show you some instances when Consumer Courts have settled it who’s the boss here; definitely Consumers.

1 Consumer Complaint against Wedding Wish Pvt Ltd Marriage Bureau at Sec 36 D Chandigarh . Court ordered the refund Rs 82,800/- directing to deduct only 10% as administrative cost and 10 K for harassment & pain and 7 K for litigation. The company failed to provide promised number of matches to the complainant.

Consumer Complaints against Marriage Bureau

2 Consumer Complaint against Amazon Seller Services Private Limited in Chandigarh for charging more than MRP on a laptop purchased online. The court ordered refund of excess plus 7k for pain and 5k for litigation. It is a settled consumer law that nobody can charge over and above MRP.

Consumer Complaint against Amazon

3 Consumer Complaint against Magic Holidays for not keeping its promise in giving certain number of nights/day package as promised in the beginning. The court ordered refund of the entire amount along with compensation.

Consumer Complaint against Magic Holidays

4 Next along with the above complaint, LG Sector 22 Store was ordered to repair the defective LED without any cost and further pay 5500 for compensation and 7k for litigation. The company and store didn’t appeared before the forum and were declared ex-parte.

5 Consumer Complaint against DOON Business School , Dehradun where a student based out of Derabassi took admission in MBA based on information in prospectus that was soon to be found false. Thus she claimed refund. The court ordered refund deducting 10% of the amount and compensating for harassment and litigation costs. The educational institutes are now under check by consumer forums so that they can’t exploit students any longer.

Consumer Complaint against Educational Institutes

6 Consumer Complaint against Connect Broadband . In this case, the consumer already paid the bill and asked the company to end the connection but despite of repeated reminders the company failed. Hence the complainant approached forum who found Connect broadband guilty and fined 7K plus 5k for litigation. It is mostly seen that broadband providers in the end make false bills and don’t end the connection. Hence, one should never hesitate to file complaint against Broadband providers like Airtel, Vodafone, Jio , Reliance , BSNL etc.

Consumer Complaint against Connect

7 Consumer Complaint against Hot Millions who charged consumer extra Rs 10 for the packing which didn’t go down well with the consumer authorities. They have hold just like food is presumed to come with utensils similarly takeaway food comes with packing cost included in MRP. The eatery must have disclosed or shared it on the menu about extra packing charges on take-away so that consumers are aware of the transaction. Clearly they were deficient.

Consumer Complaint against HOT Millions

8 Consumer Complaint against Chandigarh Administration (UT) Health Department for issuing defective bills and not fulfilling the obligations of consumer. Though the compensation amount and litigation costs were brought down by the State Commission but the department was held deficient in services. You always have the resort to complain against government offices if they are not able to fulfill their obligations.

Consumer Complaint Against Chandigarh Administration

9 Consumer Complaint against PepsiCo . In this case the father of a boy found empty Kurkure packet for which he complained it to the authorities. Seeing the high standards of quality and hygiene , it was depressing for the court to see such mistake on the part of company. Thus awarded 60k and found deficient in services.

Consumer Complaint against PepsiCO

10 Consumer Complaint against SpiceJet. In this case, a Muktsar resident boarded a flight from Chandigarh to Delhi to reach Germany but due to some technical glitch the SpiceJet flight never took off leaving the complainant in heavy distress, since he had to miss his connecting flight to Germany from thereon in Delhi. Court understood the difficulty of Airlines but still ordered refund of ticket amount, once again showing consumer is the king when it comes to consumer disputes.

Consumer Complaint against SpiceJet

There are many other instances where deficiency in services is being noted by courts and accordingly the courts have ordered refund along with litigation and compensation cost.

So never think twice before coming to consumer courts when you feel cheated or affected by service providers of any sort . Rather teach them a lesson to treat consumers in a nice, fair and transparent manner keeping the interests of them first and foremost. Rest in case they don’t what are we here for.

Hope you enjoyed the read. For any query, please dial 9988817966 and do share this post.

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