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Complaint against Immigration Company of Fraud and Cheating

Immigration Fraud

In a recent case where High Court of Punjab and Haryana has issued notice to CBI , DGP UT in a case of whopping Rs 21 crore immigration fraud, this is just the tip of iceberg. Foreign Horizon Overseas Consultants is stated to have cheated 373 people of Rs 21 crore. That's huge. 

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Every year thousands of youths from Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh are fooled by these immigration companies, immigration consultants and travel agents. There are tons of cases filed against fake visa agents and unregistered immigration companies everyday on courts across the country (Both Consumer and Criminal Court).

Students or Individuals have both the remedy available. Approach either consumer court or file criminal complaint against the company under the offences of cheating (Sec 420 IPC) and fraud (Sec 421 IPC). Though criminal remedy is the most efficacious one resulting in immediate pressure to refund the money but you have to lobby a lot with police officials to bring such an effect. 

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Immigration Lawyer, Advocates, Attorneys, Legal Advisors in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali can best guide you on this. 

Mostly the complaints are on the pretext of sending abroad, getting admission in particular university/college and stream, assistance in getting visa from the embassy, assured job ,variations in fee quotation,  grant of PR status on stay and various other bogus promises. Even there are recruitment agencies that lure candidates on the pretext of sending abroad and once the fee is paid the scenario changes. You can also make complaint against recruitment agencies, job consultants as well.

Things become difficult when the victim of immigration fraud knows this on a foreign soil and he is not left with many options than what he can do while staying in India. 

It is therefore requested from students, individuals, skilled/unskilled workers to go abroad only through certified and verified immigration companies. Chandigarh being one of the smartest city has the list of verified immigration companies online. You can download the entire list here. The list is made as per Central Division, East Division, and South Division.

You must also do a reference check and read online reviews of immigration companies before approaching them for any kind of services. 

Some of the immigration companies popular for defrauding people of their own hard earned money doing rounds online are: 

Paramount Immigration Company by Punjabnewsexpress.

Max Consultancy Services reported by IndianExpress

Jagdambay Worldwide Enterprises Limited by TribuneIndia

Sai Kripa and Guru Kripa by HindustanTimes

Bharti Education and Immigration Consultancy Service by TimesOfIndia

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As per Mohali Police report, immigration frauds have nearly doubled from 37 in 2013 to 97 in 2017, nearly 50% increase. Now even police authorities urge people to verify credentials of the immigration consultant and check whether he is registered or not. In most of these cases, the consultants after taking the money have gone untraceable and there is no trail of them behind making it impossible to recover the money. 

As per Tribune post, Mohali tops the list in region when it comes to Immigration frauds and fake visa racket. Excerpt from their post:

  1. According to the data released by the Punjab Police on social networking service Twitter, 900 cheating and fraud cases were registered against travel agents in Punjab between January 1, 2017, and March 15, 2018, with 137 cases (15 per cent) reported in Mohali.
  2. Under Emigration Act, 1983, 88 cases were registered in Mohali, almost half (49 per cent) of the total 180 recorded in the state, while 49 cases were registered under Section 420 (cheating) of the IPC in Mohali.

It is expected from an Individual to be diligent and aware while making a choice to move abroad. Any lethargy or leniency can cost heavy to him/her. Thus affecting not only the future but financial condition in the long run.

Even the Ministry of External Affairs provide grievance redressal mechanism and invites complaint to be registered online:

  1. Against Recruiting Agents-
  2. Against Individual-

There are various fora’s where these complaints can be made but sometimes sending a legal notice do makes sense. So before initiating any action, you can also send a legal notice seeking refund or compliance of the promise to send abroad legally or for a job, residency etc.


Be wary of these conmen and never try short route to what is possible otherwise. Verify the list, check reviews , feedback and then take a call on picking the right immigration consultancy, visa agent or permanent residency for abroad.

If already duped by the immigration company or fake visa agent, then dial 99888-17966 for necessary legal assistance. 


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