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Matrimonial Fraud in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

What do you think; finding a bridegroom or bride online is that easy? No it is not.

It should be very clear for all the online matrimonial websites like, etc, and agencies like wedding wishes not to over commit or over promise in their attempts to allure a customer.

Because when the promises go unfulfilled then consumer courts go to the consumer way. It is real difficult to explain the terms & conditions of services to the Consumer Courts. The best you can do is to create filters which will be taken as consent from the other party.


Matrimonial Frauds in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

But what if a party changes his \her likes\dislikes afterwards. Then these agreements come to an end and probably you have to give refund. Simple!

This is what exactly happened here. Brief facts of the case:

  1. Agency wedding wishes contacted complainant for their doctor daughter to be registered under “Royal Member”.
  2. Her preference was a jatt family living in the tricity.
  3. Agency promises that they would give her appropriate matches within 9 months and upload 18 preferable profiles in their account.
  4. But the profiles sent did not match the criteria and hence complainant terminated the contract and asked for refund.

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  1. Agency Defence: Their agreement doesn’t ensure 100% assurance rather was meant only up to uploading of profiles. But this argument did not found any sympathies of Hon’ble Consumer Courts.
  2. Hence, Court ordered refund of entire amount Rs 50k with 9% interest, 12k compensation and litigation expenses to the aggrieved party.

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Thus, it is very important for those who are looking for their marriage partners through online Matrimonial websites to read terms & conditions.




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