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Arrest of a Proclaimed Offender

Arrest of A Proclaimed Offender

Who is a Proclaimed Offender?

A proclaimed offender is a person who escapes the legal procedure against him. The court declares such a person as a proclaimed offender and requires him to appear…

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Reinvestigation by Police

To begin with let us analyze powers of investigation by the police first.

Supreme Court in the case of Amrutbhai Shambhubhai Patel v. Sumanbhai Kantibhai Patel & Ors, 2017 dwelt upon the three face…

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When can Police do Reinvestigation?

To begin with let us analyze powers of investigation by the police first.

when can police reinvestigate the matter

Supreme Court in the case of Amrutbhai Shambhubhai Patel v. Sumanbhai Kantibhai Patel & Ors, 2017 dwelt upon the three …

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The prevention of child sexual offences act was formulated in 2011 and was enacted in 2012 in lieu of the increasing knowledge of sexual offences against minors which in India by that time covered app…

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Grounds For Quashing of FIR

The purpose of Law is not only to punish the guilty but also to rescue the innocent. Sometimes false cases are being filed on the innocent. These cases are frivolous and should not be pursued against …

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In What cases bail can be Cancelled?

If the courts have power to grant bails then they also have the power to cancel it.

Admission to bail has a risk that the defendant will not reappear in the court if he is given liberty. So the Leg…

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Anticipatory Bail from High Court

Bail is temporary release of an accused person who is waiting for his trial.

Sometimes bail is given on conditions to guarantee that the person will appear in court.


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Judiciary had played an important role towards increasing the role of the victim. One of the important judicial creation in this direction is Protest Petition. Though this term ‘Protest Petition’ is n…

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The Central Excise Act, 1944 was enforced for regulation of implementation and collection of Central excise duty that is imposed on manufacture or production of excisable goods in India.

  The Cent…

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Chargesheet In Criminal Case

Criminal Charge: An accusation of crime formulated in a written complaint , information or indictment and taking shape in a prosecution.

Criminal Case: Prosecution by the State of a person or organ…

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Legally Enforceable Debt in Cheque Bounce Cases


A legally enforceable debt means the debt which is contracted in accordance to law and which is not opposed to public policy, i.e., wagering contracts, debt obtained for running brothel or a…

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Closing of FIR via Closure Report

How to Close a FIR

The term “report" has been defined to mean “to give an account of, to relate, to tell, to convey or disseminate information, communicate; deliver information; make an announcement; make known; spe…

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CBI investigation of your case by High Court Chandigarh

CBI Investigation by High Court Chandigarh

CBI : Central Bureau Of Investigation.

CBI is an investigating agency.

It operates under Ministry Of Personnel Public Grievance And Pensions Of India

CBI investigate special crimes ,high …

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Criminal Complaint To Magistrate

Criminal Complaint to Magistrate

Criminal Procedure Code gives the procedure for criminal justice.

It gives provisions for investigation, inquiry and trial.

Definition of Complaint:

Section 2 of Code Of Criminal Procedu…

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Know about Section 188 IPC

Section 188: Disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant.

Sec 188 IPC


Storing Firecrackers Illegally Is An Offence Under Section 188 Of Indian Penal Code.

Whoever knowing that , by an…

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Cheque Bounce Case Acquittal in a Criminal Case

Cheque Bounce case is considered to be a criminal offence under CrPC that imposes 2 years of jail plus twice the amount of cheque.

Never take it lightly and don’t issue cheque recklessly. Be it a s…

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Complaint to Magistrate

Complaint is an allegation that a wrong has been done or a grievance suffered. According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a complaint is the initial pleading that states a civil action and states the ba…

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Cheating 420 IPC as an Offence in India

Section 420 of The Indian Penal Court talks about the offence which is committed by the person who cheats another person and thereby induces the deceived to deliver any property. This provision pr…

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Registration of FIR- Guide

The FIR (First Information Report) is the first and the most important document to set the process of criminal justice in motion. The definition of FIR is given in S. 154 of Code of Criminal Proce…

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Getting Directions from High Court in Criminal Case

Directions from High Court are pretty much necessary for registration of FIR if police party is not inclined to support your case. 

This is what exactly happened in this case. 

directions from High Court Chandigarh


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