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CRIME. What’s that? An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law. In India, Indian Penal Code popularly known as IPC illustrates what can be an offences and states the punishment accordingly.

Crimes can be against the state, property, individual, Forces, Public Servants, Related to Elections, Public Tranquility, Public Justice, Stamps/Weights, Public Health, Safety, Decency , Morals, Human Body, Documents and Property Marks, Marriage, Defamation, Attempt to commit, Intimidation, conspiracy and even abetment of committing these offences.

The registration of FIR sets the criminal process into motion. Police Officer from station will call you and invite you to clarify your role in case of bailable offences. In case of non-bailable offences, Police Officer in no time will reach you, put you in their vehicle and drag you to police station without hearing a word. Then you may have to spend few days or months in may be police custody or judicial custody depending upon the sections included in FIR (First Information Report).

And then the grueling ordeal begins and your tryst with Indian Judicial System. Here, you will be requiring one of the best criminal lawyers to defend your case and secure acquittal. But before that the immediate would be Bail. Bail in Criminal Cases can be Anticipatory Bail (Before Arrest), Regular Bail (After Conviction), Interim Bail (During the course of Trial). You need to consult one of the top Criminal Lawyers, Attorneys & Legal Advisors for getting Bail either from the District and Sessions Judge or from Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh.

The only good thing about Indian Criminal Legal System is that once you are not proved guilty, you are just an accused not a criminal which goes in your favour. Online Legal Search has given wings to people to look out for advocates, lawyers, legal professionals and attorney online. Not only, it gives them convenience but also opinions from best legal experts in the tricity.

It can be Lawrato, Justdial, Sulekha, Legalserviceindia,, and many more coming everyday. Even lawyers are spending heavily on online budgets to spruce up their presence and increase visibility.

 The case usually begins in Trial Court i.e. Judicial Magistrate or District Judge or Assistant Sessions Judge. You have to apply for anticipatory bail in trial court first (settled position of law). If the court doesn’t grant you then move to Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh and hire any criminal lawyers for moving anticipatory bail in the High Court.  If the High Court also refuses, then your only recourse is to move to Supreme Court of India.  So decide wisely and recommended to engage professional criminal attorney in the first attempt only. While consulting you may discuss fees, estimated time of case for acquittal or bail, and other trivial aspects that may come during the proceeding.

For NRI’s whose name has been implicated in the false matter , it is of utmost importance to get their name wiped of a false case as soon as possible. Bail can be filed first and then quashing of FIR at Punjab and Haryana High Court has to be filed in no time. The pendency of criminal case may hit their prospects of going abroad again and shatters their clean antecedents.

Experience in dealing with criminal matters is the next thing to vouch for. You must discuss your case at length and take prior appointment before visiting an advocate. It is better not to be in doubt when there is a criminal case pending against you.

Over to you. If you need any subject specific advice pertaining to your pending case, just drop a line at or say Hi on 9988817966. Thanks for reading. 

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