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Cheque Bounce lawyers in Tricity

The present day economies of the world which are functioning beyond the international boundaries are relying to a very great extent on the mechanism of the negotiable instruments such as cheques a…

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Anticipatory Bail Basics

Anticipatory Lawyers Chandigarh

The word bail stands for a conditional release of an accused on trial which is usually temporary in nature. It is a right given to accused in order to give them a chance to live a regular life eve…

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Acquittal in Rape Cases

False Rape Case Acquittal

Rape is the one of the most heinous crimes that exists today in the modern society. Rape cases have become so frequent today that it happens at a frequency of an ad commercial which is worst. The …

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Victim of Job Fraud? Know your Rights!

Job Fraud complaint in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

The main aim of education is to make a person a good human being and the ultimate goal of the long process of education is to earn a livelihood. Due to a heavy increase in population, there is les…

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How To File A Police Complaint

When Police Don

Policemen are just like you and me and hate extra work. Do wait for your turn/time they will hear you. Police people are overburdened and short of staff always, irony of this country but some are …

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Acquittal under Prevention of Corruption (PC) Act

Acquittal under Prevention of Corruption Act

We must end corruption at all levels but must not ignore the version of other side when corruption cases are brought before the court. It is seen on many occasions even the innocent government ser…

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False Cheque Bounce Case. Defend it!

How to Fight False Cheque Bounce Case

First don't panic. This is the best thing to do. Now, talk & engage one of the best/top Cheque Bounce lawyers of Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali District Court. NI 138 Legal Advisors/Attorneys will gu…

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Apprehension of arrest: Get an Anticipatory bail.

Freedom is priceless. Just ask any prison inmate who has not seen the world outside for years. For us, even spending one single day in the jail send shivers across the spine. But world is not so r…

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Quashing of Criminal Case & FIR

Quashing of a Criminal Case

No trial in any Court of Law in India be allowed to continue if the ends of justice are not met.  This particular statement is cornerstone of our Criminal laws in the country which is IPC akin Ind…

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Police not registering FIR, what to do?

Police not filing FIR, Police not taking action, Police not taking charge sheet, Police not registering FIR complaint, non registration if FIR, and many more...

This is pretty usual for crimina…

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Stages of Criminal Trial in India

Stages of Criminal Trial India

CRIME. What’s that? An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law. In India, Indian Penal Code popularly known as IPC illustrates what can be an offences and states t…

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498 A Now and Then.

498A Lawyers in Chandigarh

More than 7 months have now gone after the landmark judgment/order of to judge bench of 2 Judge Bench of Supreme Court as passed in Rajesh & ors. Vs. State of U.P. & Anr.  issued new guidelines to…

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Parole from High Court Chandigarh


Parole from Punjab and Haryana High Court Chandigarh

Before reading anything, let us understand Parole in most simple words. Parole is a temporary release of a prisoner for a special purpose or reason before the completion of the sentence in a…

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If Proclaimed Offender or PO by Court, Then Read This.


Quash PO Order in High Court

Proclaimed Offender or PO is a dreaded word for every respectable citizen whose name is unnecessary dragged into a criminal case and now he fears arrest anytime. In case, the one who is read…

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Compromise Quashing in High Court Chandigarh

Compromise Quashing in High Court

Recap- Quashing is term given to orders by High Court in general under Section 482 of CrPC exercising inherent powers where criminal proceedings before Trial Court (District Judge, Judicial Magist…

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Directions from High Court Chandigarh

Directions from Chandigarh High Court
Police authorities not registering  your complaint. No action if registered. Even SSP dilly dallying the procedure.
The private complaint is filed with Magis…

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Criminal Matters in High Court Chandigarh

Criminal Cases in High Court Chandigarh

Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh hear matters pertaining to criminal appellate jurisdiction of all cities in the states of Punjab,  Haryana and Chandigarh (UT).

Let's see first what…

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Cheque Bounce Procedure in Tricity

Procedure in a Cheque Bounce Case
Procedure of Cheque Bounce cases
1 Filing with originals- Cheque, return bank memo, legal notice with sent receipts, proof of legally enforceable debt, list of witnesses, and …

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Cheque as a Security for Job in India

Job Security Cheque

At the outset only it is illegal as law is silent on this but prior to giving of Cheque, if you sign a service agreement that covers liquidated damages then company may put force behind it for the…

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Looking for Best Criminal Lawyer

Top Criminal lawyers

CRIME. What’s that? An action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law. In India, Indian Penal Code popularly known as IPC illustrates what can be an offences and states t…

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