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FAQ's Mutual Divorce

Procedure in Mutual Divorce
Any divorce is difficult be it Mutual but still less bothersome and time consuming than Contested. You won't believe me until it happens to you. I am extremely sorry to be straight but that's happening when men from mars get married to women from venus. 
It has become equally difficult to get married and even broke marriage if not satisfied, be it in any manner. As per Indian Laws, even wives cannot be forced to stay with husbands as Restitution of Conjugal Rights (Sec 9 of HMA) is still an unenforceable decree.  Even if you win restitution case, still no authority can bring back wife to her matrimonial home. The recent judgment of Supreme Court pronouncing girls above 18 to live their life on their own terms has strengthened this view further.
Moral- You can't force someone to love you, stay with you or bear you, so what if you are married. The best recourse in that eventuality is Mutual Divorce and before you think about it, read some of the basic questions on Mutual Divorce and it's procedure followed in tricity i.e. Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.
1 How much time will it take?
     6 months maximum. In 7th month you get it. You can move an application after a week for condoning 6 months period but it is mostly 90/10. Only 10 percent gets it.
2 Conditions for mutual divorce?
    No divorce within 1 year of marriage. It's a rule. Then 1 year of separation  (both spouse at different location). If at one place then no sex between them at all. Terms and conditions regarding money, kids, jewellery , abcdefgh everything. No dispute else it is not mutual. Straight.
3 What is the fee for mutual divorce?
     Websites like Lawrato gives it at 25k rest if you wish to pay more, Who stops?
4 Marriage registration is necessary?
     NO. Marriage photographs, invitation card, ceremony pics, affidavit will do.
5 What documents are required?
    Passport size photo, Aadhaar card, residence proof of place where you are filing mutual divorce.
6 How many times I have to go to Court?
     Two times maximum. Unless Judge goes on leave.
7 Are parents required?
    Absolutely no. Don't bring them because possibilities of dispute may erupt.
8 But my husband or wife is not giving mutual divorce?
   Then it is not mutual. Pretty simple idiot.
9 What will judge ask to us in mutual divorce proceeding?
    Guess what? Why you are separating. Can't live together, different opinion, outlook , blah blah blah. No fault finding system. Accept relationship can't be repaired and exit gracefully. Else keep on fighting and make us rich, I mean lawyers.
10 How much alimony or money I should ask? 
       It's not about demand. Either convince your spouse to a certain amount or accept what he/she is giving. Don't loose your vigor days for money, my advice. Choose money or time? Above else peace of mind.
These are the most pet questions about mutual divorce procedure in Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. If you have more then dial 9988817966 or write at I will be more than happy to assist.
Final thoughts- Never suffer a marriage but embrace it. 

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