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Legal Notice- When, Why and How to Send?

Legal Notice is the formal representation of your claim or grievance against the other party. If the party doesn’t fulfill the legal obligation then you can take legal action for which he will be only responsible. Litigation costs, compensation plus the actual amount.

WHY -Legal Notices can be a great way to escape the legal tussle as 50% cases get resolved at this stage.

It shows how much serious you are in pursuing your case in courts. Moreover, a well drafted legal notice by professional would take you a long way on representing your case strongly before the courts.

Having said that, let us see in which scenarios, the legal notices can be sent.

1 Cheque Bounce- Statutory requirement to send notice.

2 Recovery of Dues- Employer, Friendly loan or anyone who has taken your money and not returning it can be served notice.

3 Consumer Notice- If you have received a faulty product and want the manufacturer or retailer to either the repair the product or exchange it, then a legal notice can be sent.

4 Builder to Notice-  Before pursuing your case in the consumer case, you can also check the response of builder, how soon he can remove the deficiency.

5 Tenant/Landlord Issue – If rent not being paid or you want eviction of the premises.

6 Property Dispute- Legal Notice can also be sent before taking legal action.

7 Divorce Notice- Before proceeding with the legal suit, a formal legal notice can be sent.


When- If on repeated requests, the other party doesn’t seem to be interested in fulfilling your demand then Legal Notice is the best option to have.

Cheap, Economic and Fastest way to resolve a  dispute.

HOW- Legal Notices are sent mainly through Registered post with acknowledgement due from the receiver. The other party is given 7, 15 or maximum 30 days to resolve your issue and payback the money or else the case ensues.


Few of the service providers who can help you in sending legal notice online are

1 Lawrato-

2 Noticebhejo-

3 VakilSearch-

4 Indian Bar Association-

5 VakilPro-

Sending legal notices is no more a challenge or a brainy job as you can access these websites from anywhere -anytime.

All you need to do is share the best version of your story on your own and send it across the lawyer. Based on your inputs, legal notice is drafted and sent on the address provided.

Less discussion and maximum output help you in building a strong case forward.

If you have any questions related to Legal Notice or you wish to send a one, write to me at and I will be there to assist you. 

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