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Right to Service Commission Chandigarh

The UT of Chandigarh has adopted the Punjab RTS Act in January 2018 and constituted a one-man RTS commission under retired bureaucrat KK Jindal in the month of April 2019.The departments to be covered under the Act include Estate Office, the office of the Deputy Commissioner, the Transport Department, the CHB and the MC.

Chandigarh is the first UT in India to implement the RTS Act. The highest number of services being notified relates to the MC, followed by the Estate Office and the DC’s office.

Out of the 188 services notified in September, 2019 under the Act, 90 belong to municipal corporation (MC), 39 to deputy commissioner (DC) office, 19 to the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA), 17 to estate department, 11 to the Chandigarh Housing Board (CHB) and 12 to the state transport authority.

Empowerment of Common Man:

Following the issuance of notification mandating the implementation of the said act all the mentioned departments are to be have a designated officer for each of their services.

An important & noteworthy aspect of the act is that now all these departments must display the information about their designated officer and resolution time of different services on their website and on their premises for wider publicity as notified under the act so that ordinary citizen must know and have awareness about it.


Right to Service Commission Chandigarh

If an applicant does not get the requisite & desired service on the stipulated time, he/she has a right to file a complaint against the designated officer to the first appellate authority that is the immediate head of the concerned department thereof.

The Act provides for the imposition of penalty on the designated officer, which is ₹500 per day or maximum ₹5,000, if he fails in his/her duty to provide services within the given time limit.

Further, If the applicant is not satisfied with the verdict and outcome of the first appellate authority , he / she has the right to file an appeal before the second appellate authority, who will be secretary of the department.


And In case the applicant still finds certain anomalies in their decisions and is not content with the resolution provided if any from the respective appellate authority , the act gives empowerment to a citizen to move his/her application at the Right to Service Commission , having jurisdiction to adjudicate on the same.

At present the one - man commission is being headed by Sh. K.K. Jindal

A brief description of the main services covered under the said act :

Services Related to Municipal Corporation’s Office :

Services Related to the office of Chandigarh Housing Board :

Services related to Deputy Commissioner’s Office :

Services rendered at Estate Office :

Key Services being offered at Registration and Licensing Authority : 


(Table Source : HT)

So the act provides considerable power to the common man who wants to avail the various public services respectively, within reasonable time frame, without any kind of inordinate delays in the delivery of concerned service / s. Rest you can consult Right to Service Commission Lawyer/Advocate for Better legal Advice.

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