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Types of Cases in Panchkula Kalka District Court

Do you know Panchkula District got its first court in 1996 and these courts were part of the Ambala Sessions Division earlier? But after that Panchkula District Court has come a long way in disbursal of justice in the district.

Panchkula is the 17th District of Haryana made in the year 1995. It includes two sub divisions and two tehsils – Panchkula and Kalka . The five towns coming under the jurisdiction of Panchkula District Court are:

  1. Barwala
  2. Kalka
  3. Panchkula
  4. Pinjore
  5. Raipur Rani


District Court Panchkula Kalka Top Lawyers Advocates

So the Judicial Court complex, Kalka also comes within the jurisdiction of Panchkula District Court.

Now that it has:

  1. District & Sessions Judge
  2. Two exclusive CBI Courts
  3. Three courts of Additional District & Sessions Judge
  4. One Civil Judge (Sr. Division) cum Chief Judicial Magistrate
  5. One Additional Civil Judge (Sr. Division)
  6. Two courts of JMIC (Judicial Magistrate 1st Class)
  7. One exclusive court of NI (Negotiable Instrument Act)
  8. Family Court for all cases related to Matrimony and Kids.
  9. In-house District Legal Services Authority (DLSA) Panchkula


Now coming to our topic of Types of cases that can be filed in Panchkula and Kalka District Courts with their abbreviations right below.  Being a lawyer, it was difficult for me even to understand these terms but now that I have understood the ecourts Panchkula website really well, I tend to help the General Public:

App :- Application

ARB :- Arbitration Case.

BA :- Bail Application

CA:- Challan Appeal

CHA:- Challan Act .

CHI :- Challan IPC.

CM:- Civil Misc.App.

CNA:- Civil       App.

CABA :- Cross Application.   petition

COMA:- Complaint Act


COMI :- Compliant IPC

CR :- Civil Appeal

CRA :- Criminal Appeal

CRM :- Criminal misc. Application

CRMP :- Criminal Misc.Proceeding

CRR:- Criminal Revision

CS :- Civil Suit

CS37 - Civil Suit U/s 37 of CPC

DNC - Divorce & Matrimony

ELC - Electricity Act

EP- Election Petition

EXE- Execution

FD - Final Decree

GW - Guardian & Ward Case


HMA - Hindu Marriage Act .

HRY MC ACR - Haryana Municipal Corporation

INDG -.           Application

INDGA-.           Appeal

INSO-  Insolvency


IT - IT Act

JJB - Juvenile

LAC - Case U/s Land Accusation 1894

MACM - Motor Accident Claim

MACP - Motor Accident Claim Petition

MHA- Mental Health Act

MNT - Maintaince U/s 125

MPL -          U/s Muslim Personal Law.

MPLA - Appeal U/s Muslim Personal

NACT - 138 NIA Act


OBJ- Objection

PC - Curption Act

PFA - Prevention Of Food Adulteration

PRI- Application U/s 3 RLF India

PROB - Probate Case

RA - Rent Appeal

RENP - Remand Paper

SC- Session Case

SUCC- Succession Case

SUMM - Summary Cases

TA- Transfer Application

TELA - Telephone Act

TELE ACT - Telephone Act

Traffic- Traffic Case

REW - Review Application

RP- Petition Under Rent Act





 Rest for any case/subject/issue related advise you must contact best/top/expert District Court Panchkula/Kalka Lawyer/Advocate. He/She may after going through your inputs will be able to give an expert opinion or preferably a Free legal Advice for citizens of Panchkula, Kalka, Pinjore, Barwala & Raipur Rani. An sound professional advice goes a long way in helping you win a case, remember always or you could spend years in courts for just one mistake. So think judiciously.


If one wishes to get answers to the following questions, he/she may download the support FAQ document on ecourts from here:

  1. How to Check Case status in Panchkula District Court/Kalka Court.
  2. How to Check Previous/Latest/Last/Interim Court Order of your case in Panchkula District Court/Kalka Court
  3. How to Check Cause List of my case in Panchkula District Court/Kalka Court


So for any offences happening in the territory/Police Stations comprising of Chandimandir, Mansa Devi Complex, Sector-5, 14, GRP CHD (Haryana), GRP Kalka, State Vigilance, Sector 20, Women Police Station Panchkula, Raipur Rani will come to Panchkula District & Session Court.


For offences registered in Police Stations of Pinjore & Kalka, it will first go to Kalka Judicial Courts.


Once can easily find these options on left side of the ecourt Panchkula/Kalka Website: History, Former Judges, Judicial Officers, Cause List (Local), Court Notices, Court Fee, Action Plan Cases, Free Legal Aid, Mediation Center, Important Judgments, Proclaimed Offenders, Family Courts, Nodal Officers, Right to Information, Users Manual, Audio/Video Tutorial, Calendar 2019, Help/FAQ, Contact Us, Related Website, Internal Committees. Circular Notices, Notifications, Duty Magistrate, Pleaders and Bar Association, Police Station Wise Magistrate


In the middle, history of Panchkula District Court is written.

On right side, Latest Announcements keep flashing, then come services of ecourts Panchkula Website where you can check

  1. Case Status from Case Number/FIR Number/Party Name/Advocate Name/Case Code/Act/Case Type,
  2. Court Order from Case Number/Court Number/Party Name/Order Date
  3. Cause List


Also the website links to   which is a digital repository of all Central and State Acts.

Then comes Forms, Judges on leave, Jurisdictions, Rules and Regulations, Statistics, Performance Measurement Report, Management Tools apart from Tenders, Recruitment & View Gallery.

In my view, E-Courts Mission Mode Project is immensely successful in digitizing the records and bringing in transparency, accountability and reform in Judicial Processes. Also the prime most reason is the awareness of one’s own case in an individual is remarkable. The entire credit goes to the web team of ecourts website for putting up such a fantastic website.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. For any info, please dial 99888-17966.

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