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Procedure of Summoning Ignored by SIT

No role of Punjab government in SIT summons to Badals, Akshay Kumar: CM Amarinder Singh

SIT by HIGH COURT Chandigarh

Performing artist Akshay Kumar has been called regarding a gathering held between Dera boss Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Sukhbir Singh Badal in Mumbai, in which he is asserted to be a facilitator.


CHIEF MINISTER Capt. Amarinder Singh on Monday expressed that Punjab government had no job in the calling of previous CM Parkash Singh Badal, his child Sukhbir Singh and performing artist Akshay Kumar by the Special Investigation Team (SIT), testing the 2015 heresy and Behbal Kalan terminating occurrences. Akshay has been requested to show up before the SIT on November 21 in Amritsar, while Badal on November 16 and Sukhbir on November 19.

“The SIT has been formed and now it is functioning independently. Government has no interference in it. They are free to summon anyone they want in the due course of the investigation,” he said after inaugurating HomiBhabha Cancer Hospital at Sangrur on Monday afternoon.

He added the formation of the SIT was done following a unanimous decision of the Vidhan Sabha. “Whosoever will be found guilty as per the SIT, will be punished, irrespective of the fact that who the person is.”

On-screen character Akshay Kumar has been gathered regarding a gathering held between Dera boss Gurmeet Ram Rahim and Sukhbir Singh in Mumbai, in which he is affirmed to be a facilitator. Notwithstanding, multi day after the request were issued, Akshay Kumar went on twitter where he denied realizing anybody named Gurmeet Ram Rahim and about any gathering points of interest.His tweet read, “It has come to my knowledge that some rumours and false statements are being loosely made on social media about my involvement with a person named Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, in the context of a fictitious meeting involving Sukhbir Singh Badal… I have never ever met Gurmeet Ram Rahim in my life, anywhere. I learnt from social media at some point that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh resided for a while at some place in my locality Juhu, in Mumbai but we never ever crossed each other’s paths.”

Akshay brought up that throughout the years, he has been dedicatedly making movies advancing the Punjab culture and the rich history and custom of Sikhism, as Singh is King, Kesari (in view of clash of Saragarhi) and so on.“I am proud of being a Punjabi and have highest regard for the Sikh faith. I shall never do anything that would even remotely hurt the sentiments of my Punjabi brothers and sisters, for whom I have utmost respect and love…my statement above is the utmost and absolute truth. I challenge anyone who can prove it otherwise,” Akshay added.On the progressing instructors' dissent, the main clergyman said that the administration had given a reasonable offer to educators to either join ordinary administrations as probationers or proceed on contract premise. “It was up to them now to accept or reject the offer,” he added.

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