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How to Get NOC (No Objection Certificate) and MOB/NCRB Report in Chandigarh

MOB/NCRB Report Chandigarh

First let us understand the acronym:

NCRB- National Crime Records Bureau. Check the website here.

MOB- Mobility Models

I recently sold off my new car with registration number of Chandigarh and the guy wanted to have the registration changed to Mohali. So for that, I have to get NOC for him, but for NOC I have to first get MOB/NCRB report. Being a Lawyer myself, makes it damn easy for me to do the compliances. So, I was up for the task.

Being an internet savvy person, it was easy for me to locate the form online. Must tell you Chandigarh is one of the best smartest cities in India when it comes to E governance, Administration and City planning. Hats off to its officers and all the employees from junior to senior level who have made this possible. A proud Chandigarhian pays you the tribute here.

Visit this link to know what all you need to get the NOC and MOB/NCRB report in Chandigarh.

TO get the entire NOC file, download it from here.

Once you are clear with the paper work, you can move on with the MOB/NCRB report.

Coming back to the MOB/NCRB form, you can download it from here or get it physically by going here.

Note: MOB/NCRB REPORTS ARE NOW GIVEN AT POLICE STATION SECTOR 17, Adjacent Football Ground, Chandigarh, behind ISBT.

Lets us break the task in steps:

1 Get the form and fill it. Strictly no representatives allowed. Senior citizens are rebated and son-father, brother-sister can get the report on their behalf.

2 The Office is on the first floor. Reach the Police Station, climb up the stairs and the first room is where you will get the forms or you can download the form from the link above.

3 Fill the form with required proofs:

  1. RC photocopy
  2. ID proof

4 Pay the fee of Rs 20. Now it is accepted only through ATM or Credit Card. So don’t forget to carry it.

5 After paying the fee, you will be given a short slip and told to collect the MOB/NCRB report one day after the submission day between 4-5pm strictly. The Policeman sitting in the park can easily be spotted giving the MOB report. It will be 2 papers in numbers.

Paste it in your NOC booklet as seen in the link above. Submit the booklet at the designated counter. If there are objections, remove the objections and resubmit it. You’ll be asked to pay a decent amount for getting the NO objection certificate after which you will be given the time to collect it from the counter.

Remember to keep the originals of all the documents attached with you on the day of submission of file or else the guy on counter won’t accept it. I told you in the beginning; Administration of RLA (Registering and Licensing Authority) is very efficient and professional. They won’t tolerate any workaround with the system.

Also the person on whose name the car was should only be submitting the file. In exception, authority letter as shown in the file should be duly filled up and given with the reason.

Within a week, you’ll get the No objection certificate and for the MOB/NCRB report, it take 3 days. So plan well before giving any timeline to the new purchaser of your car.

Meanwhile, if you find any difficulty, ask the guy on counter and he will help you out surely, just like me trying to help you all. Hope this post helps you as intended to be in the title.

In case you want to reach me dial 9988817966 or leave your comments. I will happy to reciprocate. Remember, sharing is caring. So spread the word and let people know about this small process. 

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