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MACT Claim in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

MACT  simply means motor accident claims tribunal. Mact deals with matters related to compensation of motor accidents victims or their next of kin. The tribunal deal with claims relating to loss, life…

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MACT Motor Accident Claims Tribunal

These tribunals are concerned with providing compensation to the victims of accidents.

Claims regarding loss of life, loss to property , injury cases from motor accidents are awarded by these tribu…

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Steps to File a MACT Claim

MACT Lawyers and Advocates in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

Life is so precious; preserve it as you are not alone here. Driving on the roads carrying one's life is not as such easy, as no one knows what will happen next to them. Roads are always your way t…

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MACT Claim Calculation



MACT Chandigarh High Court Lawyers

How is Compensation being calculated under Motor Accident Claim Tribunal (MACT)

Be it Life Insurance, General Insurance, Health Insurance or even Motor Accidental Claim Insurance ca…

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