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MACT Motor Accident Claims Tribunal

These tribunals are concerned with providing compensation to the victims of accidents.

Claims regarding loss of life, loss to property , injury cases from motor accidents are awarded by these tribunals.

These courts are under supervision of respective High Court of States.

Judicial officer presides over these courts.


MACT Motor Accident Claim Tribunal Basics


Report to MACT can be done by:

  • Victim.
  • Through Advocate.
  •  If victim is below 18 years of age then by Advocate.
  •  Legal heirs of victim can report themselves or through Advocate in case of death of victim.

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Section 165 : Claimant can claim for damage of property with limit.

Section 168:  Notice to be given to third party for compensation to Insurer.

Calculation of damage:Damage can be given in two ways pecuniary damages and non pecuniary damages

Claim application can be made by claimant . now there is no limitation period.


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Documents along with petition should be:

  1. Copy of FIR .
  2. Copy of Post Mortem Report/ Death Report.
  3. Document of identification of victim.
  4. Bills incurred by victim.
  5. Disability certificate.
  6. Proof of Income.
  7. Birth certificate or document to determine age.
  8. Insurance policy document.
  9. Document telling relationship of claimant and deceased.


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Penalties for not following motor vehicle rules:

  • Crossing red light

First time – fine of ₹ 500.

Second time – fine of ₹1000.

Third time -fine of ₹1500.

  • Drunk driving

Imprisonment for a term of at least two years and with fine of ₹5000.

  • Crossing Speed Limit

Fine of ₹1000- ₹1500.


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For more info on subject, please dial 99888-17966.

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