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Mutual Divorce was introduced in the amendment of 1976 in the Hindu Marriage Act. This term basically refers to when both the husband and wife are in agreement that they cannot reside together and wou…

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Dividing assets in a divorce can be a difficult task however the most difficult part in a divorce for a married couple with a child is for fighting for custody of that child.

Child custody is a sen…

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Anticipatory Bail in 498A Cases

The fear of false 498A cases is back as the larger bench has refused to refer matter to Family Welfare Committee and this gives discretion back to police to make immediate arrests.

Means , you can …

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Legal Notice to Wife or Husband

Legal Notice to Husband Wife by Lawyer

Sending Legal Notices have become so common today that we see a trend today of sending Legal Notices before pursuing court cases be it Civil or Criminal or especially in rising number of matrimoni…

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Complaint against NRI Husbands

NRI Husbands Complaint

Abandoned wife

Multiple cases of non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands abandoning their Indian wives have come to the fore and taking cognizance of this fact, the government is preparing stringent…

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Dowry as a practice is prevailing in society from the times immemorial. Dowry needs to be understood clearly and in right way. Dowry if taken in right sense it means the gifts given by the family to t…

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Love Marriage Protection Registration and High Court

Thinking about marriage, registration of a marriage and then applying for visa or thinking of going abroad, this post might just help you.

Love Marriage Protection Registration and High Court.

My biggest challenge when I deal with clients enquirin…

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Acquittal in Abetment to Suicide case against Husband

There are many ways of doing any activity, whether be it constructive or destructive. Some persons use a different kind of tactics to attain the end result. They encourage another person to do an …

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Matrimonial Issues

Matrimonial Issues in Marriage

Renu (name-changed) aged 26 years recently got married in December 2017 to an engineer by profession only to discover later that he was not an engineer and running business of spare parts and good…

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Get Marriage Registered in Chandigarh Same Day (Online)

Superb news for newlyweds. Now you can get marriage registration certificate on a same day when applied online through DC office i.e. Deputy Commissioner. All thanks to the administration of city …

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Marrying for Sexual Pleasure? Think again- Delhi HC

Marital Rape

Marital Rape is still not recognised in India despite of increasing pressure from women rights activist. 

For now Delhi High Court has a pain reliever for them. Recently, a Delhi High Court …

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Registration of a Marriage in Zirakpur

Zirakpur Marriage Registration

Registration of a marriage has been made mandatory by State Governments. Getting marriage registered is as important as picking a place for honeymoon. So be it Zirakpur. Being myself resident of t…

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