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Dowry as a practice is prevailing in society from the times immemorial. Dowry needs to be understood clearly and in right way. Dowry if taken in right sense it means the gifts given by the family to the bride for the future uses or to any other uses as well those gifts can be used by the girl or the family members in any way with the own sweet will of bride’s parents but in the trending times or in modern era it is taken in different way. It has converted into the greed of the family of the groom. In relation to all this the groom and the family also demand for lavish arrangements for the marriage function and high rated gifts for the family and the other members of the “baraat” (essential ceremony of the marriage).


Giving gifts to the daughter on her marriage day is auspicious but converting self gratification of parents into greed and fulfilling that greed is a offence in the eyes of law. This ritual is as prevailing into the society and in earlier times it was called as “Dahej pratha” but it was to stop and abolished. To prevent the family from the burden of the dowry, namely “DOWRY PRHIBITION ACT 1961” in relation to this another section 498-A it talks about dowry death of a female which makes a compulsion that on registration of complaint by the wife or the girl immediate action should be taken and the groom should be arrested within the immediate effect of the complaint, on raising the demand of the dowry the complaint can be made at any time of the meeting or at any other point of time.


As per a survey done by government it is counted that 7,634 women’s are killed in a year relating case with dowry ie. Dowry deaths.

Read this news snippet to understand what constitutes Dowry:

Dowry Complaint against Inlaws

To prevent dowry deaths and harassment to the matrimonial homes in India, these laws are made for security of the girl and security of the family from the burden of the dowry.

In the leading case “ARNESH KUMAR VS. STATE OF BIHAR & ANR.” The Supreme Court held that arrest should not be made in routine or cavalier manner because it concerns for non-bailable and cognizable offence.

These situations are so tormenting that even families of the girl side are gone crazy to commit suicides and naming the boy’s side in the suicide note. They are also deemed to liable in these cases as per law.

Just a recent incident of what I have mentioned above:

Don’t ring the bell only if it too late and you have lost someone who can never return to you. Seek Legal Help immediately. Remember, law is on your side. Always.

This post is written by Gauri Singh, a student of Chanderprabhu Jain College Of Higher Studies & School Of Law. For any subject specific advice, please dial 99888-17966.

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