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Register your complaint online with RERA Panchkula

File Online Complaint in RERA Panchkula

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Panchkula is at the forefront under the guidance of its hon’ble members is disposing of the complaints quickly and adhering to 60 days window as stipulated in the RERA Act for speedy disposal of the complaints.

RERA by far is the most efficacous remedy available to homebuyers and consumers for any relief from builders in case of any dispute arising out of the sale-purchase of the properties.

The efficiency of the authority can be seen from the website which is extemely user friendly, swift in use and responsive when it comes to registrations of complaint online with the Haryana RERA Authority at Panchkula.



Seeing is believing. Have a look for your own eyes for a moment-

The websites offers you plethora of services at the home page only. Please have look:

  1. Registration of Complaint with HRERA Authority (Online)
  2. Registration of Complaint with Adjudicating Officer (Online)
  3. Complaints status (Check Online)
  4. Complaints Cause List  (Manual List appears in News/Public Notices)
  5. Search Judgments of RERA Panchkula Authority
  6. Project Registration
  7. Project Status
  8. Search Projects (Whether registered with Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority)
  9. Project Cause List (To appear before the Authority)
  10. Adjudication Cause List (of Adjudicating Officer)
  11. Suo Motu Cause List
  12. Registered Projects (With Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority)
  13. Acts and Rules



Now back to registering your complaints online. It is advised first to file complaint before the Authority for refund plus interest and then before Adjudicating officer for compensation in lieu of delay in possession and further compensation on account of litigation expenses and mental agony and harassment.

For complaint to Authority, Click here-

For complaint to Adjudicating officer- 


The RERA law is work in progress, so it is changing on day-to-day basis. What you may read today, may not be applicable tomorrow. So keep coming back to the site for latest information. In case you wish to seek more info in these regards, please dial 99888-17966.

Once your complaint is registered, you will get a generated complaint number of your case which will be used for future purposes. You will be able to get the status of your case while searching online regarding your case.  Kindly see the example below.

Complaint format in RERA Panchkula


Once your complaint is registered, don’t forget to submit your complaint physically to HRERA office with in 30 days along with the annexures and court fee which is DD of Rs. 1200/- approx.

The number of copies to be given can be seen from the images above.

Few of the sample queries that I get everday on filing complaint in RERA Authority online is listed below:

  1. Do I have to compulsory engage a Haryana RERA Panchkula Lawyer or Advocate for filing my case before Authority? NO. Rather it is entirely your wish but must say since the real estate investments are huge, it goes a long way in seeking advice from the professional. My say.
  2. How much time it will take for my case to get decided? Fast enough as per Indian standards of courts. Panchkula RERA’s disposal of complaints is quickest in the country since adjournments are damn costly.
  3. Am i required to be present before the Authority? Only if you engage a lawyer. Rest, if you file in person then you have to else the case gets dismissed in default.
  4. What’s the fee for an advocate in Haryana Panchkula RERA Authority? Cheap things are not good and Good things are not cheap. In between lies your range to pay and hire a professional. So in advocacy, there can never be standard rate. Go where you get the best quote based on merits of your case.
  5. In case i wish to seek free legal advice on Haryana RERA Panchkula matters, where should I call? Just dial me, my friend @99888-17966.

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Rest, the procedure is entirely self explanatory and convenient. Hope you get the answers to your queries related to RERA Panchkula. For more info, mail us at

Stay tuned for more updates.

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