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Refund and Compensation under RERA Panchkula and Punjab

Refund and Compensation by RERA Authority on what Grounds

Now that there are two options before complainant in Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority whether to seek refund or compensation alone, he/she has to file two separate complaints in case he is seeking…

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Procedure Steps of Complaint in RERA Panchkula Authority

Procedure of RERA Panchkula Complaints

 It has been more than a year that Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) Panchkula and Gurugram has started functioning and disposing complaints as fast as possible. Though the Real Esta…

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Can builder collect Service Tax VAT GST after RERA

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) seeks to protect the interests of the homebuyers and also to promote investments in the real estate sector. As per the new act, the real estate agencies are…

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Execution of RERA Panchkula Orders

Now that you filed your complaint online in RERA Panchkula, what comes next?

Reasonably, you should wait for 60 days from the date your order is once uploaded on the website. 

Since the act st…

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Refund refused by Haryana RERA

It is not always that a homebuyer is the aggrieved party but at times builder out of no fault of his own has to stall projects and cause delay in giving possession. It can be force majeure or governme…

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How to Check whether Project is registered with RERA Panchkula

With RERA, homebuyers and homeowners have huge hopes. Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority is on the path to prove it, undoubtedly.

Seeing quick disposals by the Panchkula RERA Authority, justice is no…

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File your Complaint Online with RERA Punjab

State of Punjab has made one Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) for regulating the affairs of realtors and homebuyers in the region situated in the heart of city beautiful which is Chandigarh Sec…

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Appeal to Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal at Chandigarh

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has already set up an Appellate Authority for appeals arising out of the decisions of Haryana RERA Authority benches constituted at Gurugram and Panchku…

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Compensation by Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority?

Compensation by RERA Haryana Panchkula Authority

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 aims to regulate and promote the real estate sector by regulating the transactions between buyers and promoters of residential as well as c…

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Role Of Adjudicating Officer in RERA

The Real Estate ( Regulation And Development) Act, 2016.

The purpose of this act is to protect home buyers and to increase investments in real estate industry.

Real Estate Regulatory Authority h…

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TCP to complete projects in Faridabad

HRERA making it clear and shifting the onus on Town and Country Planning of completion of project clearly said, that since the sanctions and approvals are done by TCP, they are bound for completion of…

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Complaint M & N Confusion in RERA Punjab

Real Estate Regulatory Authority which is RERA in short proves to be game changing legislation in Real Estate Sector of India even though it will take some time for the fruits to appear but definitely…

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How to check whether project is registered with RERA Punjab

Now that I have written so many posts on RERA , the very first question before me is, whether this particular project is registered with RERA Punjab or not?

So here I am today, making it utter easy…

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Jurisidction of Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority

Sanju Jain vs TDI Infrastructure Limited

Hrera has jurisdiction over unregistered realty project with completion certificate

Bringing unregistered projects with completion certificate under the purview of the state real estate regulat…

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Coverage of Projects Existing before HRERA

Madhu Sareen vs BPTP Ltd Anr


PANCHKULA: Giving a boost to home buyer rights against default…

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Haryana RERA Judgments and Orders

Haryana Panchkula RERA Authority Judgments Orders


RERA Act, 2016 comes with a 60 day time period for the disposal of complaints but in reality it is extreme difficult to get both parties on the same pa…

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Popular Punjab RERA Judgments

RERA Punjab Popular Judgments

Case 1:

Parties to the case- Yellowstone Industrial Plot Allottee’s Welfare Association v. Sukham                      Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. (Yellow Landmark Infocity)

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RERA Punjab & Panckula Haryana Appellate Authority

RERA Punjab and Haryana Panchkula Appellate Authority

Now that RERA is here what about appeals to RERA Appellate Authority in Punjab and Panchkula, Haryana.

The RERA Act itself mandates the formation of such authorities where appeal against RERA A…

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RERA Provisions that a Consumer Must know!

RERA is your gateway to protection, quality assurance, transparency , timely delivery and swift legal .

RERA Important Provisions

RERA has changed how reality transactions once used to take place. The Act fosters disc…

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No OC without CC – Punjab RERA

Buyer can't be forced to live in an isolated place while other parts/area of the project is not developed held RERA Punjab in a case ; Sanjay Sharma vs Omaxe Chandigarh Extension  Developers Pvt. Ltd …

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