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Job in Chandigarh Police on Compassionate Ground stayed by High Court

Various courts of this country, be it CAT , High Court , Labour Court , Supreme Court etc. or any other have settled the view on jobs on compassionate ground in government offices which is

“ The ap…

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Reinstatement in Job on Acquittal in Criminal Case

Government job/service India is highly hailed, revered and glorified for its stability as no one can just throw you out from job without conducting proper departmental inquiry in sync with the service…

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Seniority Of Direct Recruits versus Promotees in Income Tax Department

The post pertains to issue of Fixation of inter se seniority between Direct Recruits (DR) and Promotee (PR) Inspectors of Income tax in various charges of the Income tax Department.

Seniority cases in CAT Tribunal Chandigarh

It is hereb…

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Service Matters of PGI in CAT Chandigarh

In case of Hospital Engineer, Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Chandigarh has directed PGIMER ( Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research ) to escalate the process of consideration …

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Pay Anomaly as Service Issue

To hike the salaries of Central Government employees beyond what the 7th Pay Commission had recommended, the government has now modified the definition of pay anomaly.

This could signal some good n…

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Suspension Order Challenged in High Court Chandigarh

Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh under its writ jurisdiction can stay any illegal suspension from any of the government offices.


Suspension Order Stayed by High Court

Suspension must be in strict consonance wit…

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Assured Career Progression Scheme

An Overview on Assured Career progression Scheme:

Assured Career Progression

When ACP (Assured Career Progression Scheme) was implemented vide Office Memorandum NO. 35034/1/97-Estt(D) dated 09.08.1999, it was not made ap…

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Pensioners benefits by CAT Tribunal

Pensioners Benefits by CAT Tribunal

Government employees can claim pension only if they have completed a minimum of 20 years of service, the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has held.

Qualifying service is essential for a go…

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Can Transfer be Challenged in Courts?       

 In India, Government employees are considered as people who are leading the lifestyle of a king. But, in reality, they do suffer a lot of problems in the course of their employment. O…

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Disciplinary Proceedings Procedure in India

departmental Inquiry in India


Disciplinary Proceedings against a Govt. Servant: Procedure thereof

Government Servants play a very important role to run the administration of the Country. They are important constituent…

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Harassment at Workplace

Harassment at Workplace

Indian Constitution provides right to equality to both women and men. But in practice women are discriminated against both in their homes and outside. Discrimination, on most of the times, include…

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Show Cause Notice by Employer

Show cause notice by Employer

It is the mandate of a service law that a show Cause Notice must be served to delinquent  employee Before initiating any departmental proceedings against him. 


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Reservation In Promotions of SC/ST

Supreme Court has granted relief to centre in matter of reservations in promotions (RIP) to be carried in the category of SC/ST in accordance with law.

Before orders, the entire process of prom…

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illegal Termination in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

To anyone who is employed, job is very close to his or her heart. It let’s an individual pay his bills, basic needs and above all to live his life with dignity as being unemployed is seen as a jin…

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Retirement Benefits Denied. Court Orders Attachment of Vehicle of Director

Retirement Benefits Service Matter

In 2015, court ordered Haryana Transport department to grant third ACP scale along with interest on leave encasement delayed amount to the petitioner Mr. Suraj Bhan.

Department failure to compl…

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Compassionate Appointment Controversy ex-CJM's Widow

Compassionate Appointment in Chandigarh Panchkula Mohali

What is Compassionate Appointment? - In most clear and simple terms, it is employment solely on the ground of compassion on the death or permanent injury of an individual in a blood relationship m…

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Catch Up Rule and Reservation in Promotions

Reservation in Promotions


Central Administrative Tribunal  (CAT) Chandigarh has recently quashed multiple promotions at Central Board of Excise and Customs Ludhiana. Court in its order observed, the competent author…

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Service Matters in Labour Court CAT Tribunal and High Court


Service Matters of Labour Court CAT HIGH COURT CHANDIGARH
Service matters are complicated and it is difficult to pursue strict compliance of rules and regulations wheresoever meritorious is to be promoted above hierarchy. 

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Pension Recovery by Punjab University Stayed

Recovery of Pension
Good news for pensioners who retired from PU  before 2006 that the order of reducing their pensions is now stayed by phhc in lieu of excess pension wrongly fixed earlier. 
The PU …

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Service Matter Issue of Chandigarh Police at CAT Chandigarh

Chandigarh Police CAT Lawyer

It is surprising that Chandigarh,  UT on its own don't have any policy for promotions of inspector rank to DSP of its own cadre.  

UT has 23 posts of DSPs of which 10 are filled by DANIPS ca…

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