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WILL Registration Process in Chandigarh

It is so important to create a WILL today seeing the number of disputes amongst the family members in courts. Moreover for getting your share even you have to spend money and time which further causes pain and frustration.

That's why the importance of WILL seems so unavoidable today. Also making a will is a sign of sensibility and far sightedness of an individual at an old age. Rarely any senior citizen would want his kins to fight after his death.

Making a WILL in Chandigarh is super easy and still in case you need any help; dial 99888-17966 for LegalSeva.

Governing Statute - WILL has to be made in compliance with Indian Succession Act (ISA), 1925. The

Conditions - Will should clearly state the executor to whom the estate is being bequeathed. In case there are more than one, distinct shares of the total property including other assets are spelled out for each individual.

Is Registering a WILL mandatory as per law? -  Registration of a will is not mandatory/compulsory as per law but it goes in your favour if registered that the will is genuine and free from any suspicion.

Language of a WILL- Clear and specific. It should not leave out anything to speculation.

Attestation- Two witnesses who know each other should be present and have seen testator signing the will. Witness should also sign the will in the presence of testator. Legatee/Beneficiary of the will can be a witness for will pertaining to Hindu under ISA, 1925.

The WILL lawyer and advocate would be able to make a WILL in less than a day if clear details of the property and assets are provided.

Fee for Registration of a WILL in Chandigarh- Rs 220 if it is your first will as on date i.e. 1st May, 2018. For subsequent registrations visit this link.

Office where WILL be registered- Sub Registrar’s Office, 30 Bays Building Ground Floor, Room No. 1 & 2 near Estate Office, (Old Building) adjoining Central State Library, Sector 17, UT, Chandigarh.

Timing for WILL Registration- 11.00 am to 1.00 pm & 3 to 5 pm.

Documents Required- 2 sets of WILL with 2 photographs, 2 witnesses or attestation.

Benefit of getting a WILL registered- Authenticated proof as Registrar keeps the original so that it is not tampered or altered in future.

Can a WILL be changed later? - Yes, it is called CODICIL that is executed in the same way as of a WILL.

Make WILL Online - There are many providers in market today providing will making services; Lawtarazoo, EzeeWILL, WILLSTAR, Lawfarm. Even banks like ICICI and HDFC provides the same services.


It goes without saying that WILL must be made mandatory to ease out stress in the old age.

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