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Job in Chandigarh Police on Compassionate Ground stayed by High Court

Various courts of this country, be it CAT , High Court , Labour Court , Supreme Court etc. or any other have settled the view on jobs on compassionate ground in government offices which is

“ The ap…

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Best Examples of Consumer Complaints

Yay! We all love shopping. Don’t we?

And with the increasing number of commerce in our lives, we are going to be the biggest consumers of our generation. Thanks to the advertisements and web that…

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Register your complaint online with RERA Panchkula

File Online Complaint in RERA Panchkula

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), Panchkula is at the forefront under the guidance of its hon’ble members is disposing of the complaints quickly and adhering to 60 days window as st…

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Appeal to Haryana Real Estate Appellate Tribunal at Chandigarh

Haryana Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has already set up an Appellate Authority for appeals arising out of the decisions of Haryana RERA Authority benches constituted at Gurugram and Panchku…

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Appointment against Sanctioned posts Only

Sanctioned Posts Challenged in Court

Sanction means authoritative permission.

Officials are appointed either on substantive , temporary or officiating basis.

Government posts may be permanent or temporary but they are sanctione…

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Reinstatement in Job on Acquittal in Criminal Case

Government job/service India is highly hailed, revered and glorified for its stability as no one can just throw you out from job without conducting proper departmental inquiry in sync with the service…

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Commercial Projects for Livelihood covered by Consumer Courts

Commercial Projects Bought For Livelihood Covered Under Consumer Act.

Consumer Protection Act does not deal with the goods or services to be purchased for commercial purpose unless it is purchased …

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Legal Notice to Wife or Husband

Legal Notice to Husband Wife by Lawyer

Sending Legal Notices have become so common today that we see a trend today of sending Legal Notices before pursuing court cases be it Civil or Criminal or especially in rising number of matrimoni…

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Bail in Cheque Bounce Cases

Offence of Cheque Bounce is a criminal offence for which the defaulter can be prosecuted under Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 and further may be awarded 2 years jail or twice the amount of cheque or…

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Seniority Of Direct Recruits versus Promotees in Income Tax Department

The post pertains to issue of Fixation of inter se seniority between Direct Recruits (DR) and Promotee (PR) Inspectors of Income tax in various charges of the Income tax Department.

Seniority cases in CAT Tribunal Chandigarh

It is hereb…

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Compensation by Haryana RERA Panchkula Authority?

Compensation by RERA Haryana Panchkula Authority

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 aims to regulate and promote the real estate sector by regulating the transactions between buyers and promoters of residential as well as c…

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Service Matters of PGI in CAT Chandigarh

In case of Hospital Engineer, Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Chandigarh has directed PGIMER ( Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research ) to escalate the process of consideration …

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AFT Popular Judgments Ex SGT Ram Avtar Yadav


Armed Force Lawyer and Advocate

In this case of Ex Sgt Ram Avtar Yadav v. UOI Ors., the petitioner, i.e., Ram Avtar Yadav had been denied the benefit of rounding off of the disabi…

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Benefits Of Insolvency law For Corporate

NCLT Chandigarh lawyer and Advocates

A single law for insolvency and bankruptcy in India is Insolvency and bankruptcy code,2016. This code was introduced in Lower house in December,2015 and passed on 5 May,2016.

This code was fram…

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The Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum has granted an award to pay Rs.52,000 to an Ambala Resident after she filed a complaint on the unsatisfactory service of a matrimonial match-finding firm.

Consumer Complaint Against Matrimonial Websites


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Pay Anomaly as Service Issue

To hike the salaries of Central Government employees beyond what the 7th Pay Commission had recommended, the government has now modified the definition of pay anomaly.

This could signal some good n…

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Defamation Laws in India

Defamation Laws in India

Introduction to Defamation Laws

Defamation is oral or written statement that hurts someone’s reputation. In Bhagwat Gita, “For a Man of honour Defamation is worse than death”. It is considered …

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Anticipatory Bail from High Court

Bail is temporary release of an accused person who is waiting for his trial.

Sometimes bail is given on conditions to guarantee that the person will appear in court.


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Role Of Adjudicating Officer in RERA

The Real Estate ( Regulation And Development) Act, 2016.

The purpose of this act is to protect home buyers and to increase investments in real estate industry.

Real Estate Regulatory Authority h…

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Medical facilities for Short-Service officers in Army

AFT Chandigarh Lawyers and Advocates

Good news for SSCOs and ECOs (retired short service and emergency commissioned officers) as Supreme Court ordered restoration of Medical facilities in next two months.

The MOD (Ministry of Defe…

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